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    Installed some 'locking' bolts on my valve covers

    I've used these on my headers and they work great so I decided to give them a try on my valve covers. I replaced the gaskets and cleaned them up and then installed these 'stage 8' locking valve cover bolts. Basically you...
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    What size are the Mustang Emblem Barrel clips

    My emblems rattle and I need new barrel clips. I found some Scott Drakes .12 inch that are advertised to work on 65 to 73 Mustang emblems. Has anyone tried these or can confirm the correct size? Thanks!
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    Dash Cam catches one of our mustangs losing a wheel

    It guess it was in South East Orlando Florida. It's part of a montage of videos but I believe it will start at the Mustang losing its rear wheel.   Ouch!
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    Email with CJ's Pony Parts password

    Howdy all!   I use unique passwords for every site I log into.  I just received an email that included an old CJ's Pony Parts password.   It's the usual one where they threaten to send pictures of me 'pleasuring myself' while watching porn.   lollerz I confirmed the password was not valid by...
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    Seem to have lost the 'last visit' button

    I don't recall exactly what it said.  It was icluded in the 'open buddy list', 'content menu' and 'View Unread posts' group.  I think it was 'post since last visit' or something like that.   You had to be logged it to see it.
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    spark plug wire separators suggestions?

    What have you had success with?  351C.  I have tried the clip on ones but they tend to twist a bit.  I see severall different 'clamp' down versions.  Even some using aluminum, which to me would defeat the purpose.
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    Phoenix Area Get together?

    Anyone in the Phoenix area want to do a meet and greet?  Maybe at a resturaunt or a park or perhaps at one of the local weekly car shows like the Pavillions?  The weather is getting nice so we should try to get together? There is a resturaunt called Portillo's it has an old school theme to it...
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    I just noticed the change in the home page

    It's a great idea!  I try to say hi and welcome each new member but sometimes miss someone.    Also now I don't have to 'hover' to see if I have already posted.  Big thumbs up for whomever came up with this idea!
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    Level with me

    So how much rake do you have? I put a level on the passenger rocker, right at the 'Ford'. Rear of the car is to the left. Take a picture of yours and let's all compare.
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    Help. New KYB front shocks shorter than old KYB front shocks (picture added)

    EDIT: I originally typo'd the part number. I had written kg4505 and should have written kg4504. I have corrected it in this original post. I purchased a set of kyb front shocks. Part number kg4504. I noticed they were shorter than my existing kyb shocks part number 343156. With the tires...
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    73 convert at Phoenix Nascar

    I went to the NASCAR race today. There was a small car show inside the event. I was surprised to see a 73 convertible mustang. It was the ONLY mustang represented. There were about 2 dozen cars total. A 61 custom Lincoln drop top. Some rat rods. A few 'ricers'. Among the small group was...
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    MSD Distributor options

    My engine specs are in my sig. I run a mallory unilite now. It works okay but the springs to adjust the timing curve are no longer available and sometimes it acts up a bit. I am limited to small cap distributors because of my carb setup. No FI or Computer controls on the car. Vacuum advance...
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    Anyone pull their cleveland with hooker comps attached?

    I am looking at pulling the engine. I have 4v hooker comps. I am going to leave the tranny in the car. Has anyone tried pulling the engine with the headers attached? I haven't crawed under it to see what I am up against. Historically I had the super comp headers and I didn't see a way of...
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    Does anyone have Mallory springs (29014)

    I want to recurve my distributor. It's a unilite and would use this kit: I am probably going two stage with purple plus orange, pink or grey. My setup already has the purple. I could pay ya for the springs and shipping. I don't need the...
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    Speed Bleeders for your brakes

    My Master Cyl was leaking so I knew I was going to have to bleed the brakes. I picked up some of the Russell speed bleeders. I bought them on amazon. I am very happy with how they work. Not only was it much easier to bleed the brakes I can't remember ever having such a tight pedal before...
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    What are your thoughts on chaining the cleveland

    Has anyone tried to add some type of chain or something to keep their Cleveland from torquing in the engine bay? Perhaps I have broken a motor mount. But if that is the case it just means if I replace it I will break the next one too. I known when I really get on it my engine is rotating. I...
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    New fuel level sender... new problem

    I put in a new fuel level sender. It took me longer than it should have. I thought I had less gas in the tank than I did but, since my old sender wasn't working, I guessed wrong. Anyways. I get the new sender in and fired the car up. Idles fine. I add the gas I took out (about 3 gallons)...
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    rust free convertible here in AZ I don't normally post up craigslist but I saw this one and it seems like a decent deal. Claims no rust. The door panels look good. Power windows is a nice option. 'Engine makes noise'. Looks like it needs a top, a fresh paint job and...
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    nice December calendar suprise

    I have a generic Mustang Calendar. Lots of different years (all 73 or older). A previous month had a 71 mustang. I never look ahead so I was happy to see I will be looking at this for the month:
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    what is wrong with us?

    So the thread on old tires got me thinking I should look at replacing mine. But I have 14" rims and they are pretty old and I want to get new rims and tires. Maybe 17" or 18" so I can fit in disc in the back and bigger disc up front. But if I am going to upgrade my brakes I need to make sure...