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    Thread locker and sealant charts

    Someone may find these product selection guides helpful. I refer to them frequently. Chuck
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    Restoration Resources

    Dead Nuts On has a list for several restoration services that are recommended by them and their customers. You may find a service you need on the list. Chuck
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    Another new part bad out of the box

    The starter on my 1969 Cougar decided to go bad sitting in the driveway. Searched over a dozen parts stores near me. I finally found one for a standard shift about 10 miles away. I got out the jack stands and floor jack, something I am loath to do these days, and installed the new starter. Still...
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    HID headlight upgrade for F-250

    I want to upgrade the halogen headlights on my 2002 F-250 Lariat. There a lot of no-name companies selling products that have poor beam width and other problems. Has any one done a conversion, on any vehicle, with great results? If so, what products did you use? All input will be appreciated. Chuck
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    15 inch tire alternative

    Someone posted a tire company that is an alternative to BFG and Cooper about two weeks ago. I wasted 20 minutes trying to find the post. Does anyone remember what the name of the tire company is? Thanks, Chuck Please disregard, I found it. From Austin Vert. Galaxy R1 by Vitour. Chuck
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    Shocks for 2002 F-250 Ford truck

    My truck has 161,000 miles on it and it still the best vehicle I've ever owned. However I'm considering replacing the shocks. None are leaking but the ride seems harsher than it used to be and 161,000 miles seems like a lot for shock absorbers. I'm considering the Bilstein 4600 series but I'd...
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    Good link for sealer, thread locker, and epoxy

    I've found this link to be helpful when deciding what sealant to use as well as which thread locker to use. Chuck Notice the separate special sealant for water pumps and gear boxes and differentials.
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    Cost of car parts

    I haven't been in the market for car parts for about 3 years. I went looking for a SBF Dart block and was a bit amazed to find it now costs over a $1000.00 more than it did 3 years ago. I know inflation is spiking but that seems outrageous to me. Is it just shortages causing suppliers to gouge...
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    There is a question that has puzzled me for years, why do women do not seem to know that there is an OFF position on a light switch? All opinions are welcome. Chuck
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    I my have found someone who can make a 4300D work right

    I accidentally found a guy who says he can make a a Motorcraft 4300D work properly. That is the potentially good news. The not so good news is, he only does complete restorations. Cost is $695 + $45 return shipping. He has been in business for 50+ years. He said he does 2 or 3 4300Ds a year and...
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    Newish 5 speed

    I may be way behind on finding this so if you already know about stop here. It seems like THE solution for manual OD transmission swaps. Chuck
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    Anyone know how to set up a Wagner Flexio 590

    I hope there is a home painter that can help me set this gun up tp spray SW Pro Classic Acrylic Latex Enamel. I have 5 six panel interior doors to paint. I'm using the Detail Finish Nozzle with paint reduced 12% and a bit of Floetrol to help flow out. I have tried low air, high air, low fluid...
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    The EPA is coming for your tuner and exhaust

     I ran across this today.  They have also fined Magnaflow and Flowmaster large sums for selling an exhaust systems without Catalytic convertors. This doesn't affect the 71-73...
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    Spray Max products

    I ran across an interesting line of painting product called Spray Max. I was particularly interested inter clear coat blender. Has anyone used their products? If so, what were results? Thanks, Chuck
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    WTB aluminum bell housing

    Looking for an SBF aluminum bell housing, 6 bolt block, 164 tooth flywheel, and block plate. I believe the casting number is C5AA-6394-B on the bell housing. Thanks, Chuck
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    old drag car

    I found this old picture from circa 1995. It was considered pretty fast back then, 9.20 @ 148 mph and went straight as a string. Moving from a mid 12 second car to this was a bit nerve wracking the first few full power launches. It had a 514 CID Ford,GM Glide, and a Dana 60 differential. I sold...
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    My old 1972 R code

    I was looking through some old folders and found a picture of the R code. If you look closely you may be able to see that I was running drag slicks on it for street "enthusiastic" use. The car ran 12.70 @ 110 MPH. Another car that I wish I had back. Chuck
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    Monster cleveland build!

    I shudder to think what this build cost but, it is pretty amazing. Chuck  
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    TFS 351C heads raised exhaust port

    Anyone using this head? If so, how did standard 4V headers fit (or not fit). Second question; anyone used them and have build information and dyno numbers? Thanks Chuck
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    Very good cam article.

    Very good article. Clear and to the point as well as being accurate. If you are looking to do a cam change read this first. Chuck