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    Parts For Sale FMX, PS pump & Box, 2v carb & manifold, drive shaft, cylinder heads Tampa FL area

    These items are off a 1972 302 convertible and I am trying to find a home for them along with some other misc items I need to sort out. I would like to get a few bucks, but not expecting a lot, I just hate to junk stuff. I don't want to ship, but am willing to meet someone within 100 miles of...
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    Best daily driver tires/15" Magnum wheels/rainy FL

    I have been poking around the forum and didn't really see an answer to this. My son is using his 72 with a 302 for a daily driver. We have both found it very skittish in FL rains with the Coopers Cobras it came on. It has the apparently classic Magnum wheels with 215x15 65 series on the front...
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    Dual Exhaust on single exhaust car this might help

    I am not sure if some single exhaust cars have the mounting for the hanger for the muffler on both sides, but ours only had the blind holes on the driver's side. I found these at McMaster-Carr: Tight-Spot hex head screw. They almost seem to be tailor made...
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    Holley 4v 600 CFM throttle cable?

    We had the 302 rebuilt with Edelbrock heads and intake manifold with a Holley 4 v 600 CFM Street Warrior carb which is basically a 4160 from what I can tell. I am working on connecting it to the accelerator pedal which is turning into more trouble than I hoped. The existing throttle cable and...
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    Adjustable engine mounts?

    Does anyone make an adjustable engine mount for the 711-72 Mustang with a 302? I would kind of like to drop the engine about 1/2" to get exhaust clearance. NPD shows one from Ron Morris Performance, but when I looked at the Ron Morris site, it shows a cutoff at 1970 and the brackets look...
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    Galvanic issues with aluminum?

    We now have an aluminum intake manifold and being the sort that frets, I wonder about screwing stuff into it, like temperature sensors that are brass or copper which is supposed to cause corrosion issues. Anyone know much about this? Thanks, as always.
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    Instrument voltage regulator polarity

    My search abilities probably missed the answer, but I was wondering what the polarity of the IVR is as I wanted to check mine to confirm output. In other words is the small connector positive and the large one negative as one finds on a 9 volt battery? Thanks!
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    Mount for Saginaw PS pump

    As we near stuffing the engine back in, I got the new Saginaw PS pump mounted and don't really like the way it is mounted, particularly now that we have aluminum heads. Photo attached. The bracket and pump are from Borgeson along with the steering box. I realize that some here prefer other...
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    Insulator Frame Mount bolts

    I bought the bolt kit for the motor mount to the frame which in Ford parlance is apparently the insulator, motor mount. This is the AMK kit which is usually a perfect match for the originals. The car is a 72 convertible with a later engine. I have read that convertibles may have an alternate...
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    Light for heater control panel

    As I flail about, I discoverer a hole on the back of the heater control panel which is covered on the front with one of the blue dome lenses. When I shine a light through it, it lights up the controls pleasingly. This makes me think there should have been a light there, but I find no evidence...
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    Clutch pedal and Hydramax clutch

    We are at the argh state of converting the early 72 convertible from FMX to T5 and dealing with the clutch pedal. I have come to accept the need to remove the pedal assembly support and attendant interfering parts. Argh. I found this video on installing the bearings for the clutch: Welding...
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    lever for auto transmission on steering column

    Is there a way to remove the lever on the steering column that goes to the FMX transmission intact? If not, I will probably cut it off, but if so, I will leave it there until we work up the energy to pull the column and rebuild it. Someone might be able to use the part. Thanks! By the way, I am...
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    dual exhaust and gas line

    Pardon my poor search abilities, this is probably answered elsewhere. We are slowly putting my son's 72 back together and are using a repro dual exhaust. I noticed that the driver's side muffler is coming quite close to the gas line as it exits the gas tank, so there is both a rubber flex tube...
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    Top of rear shocks on convertible?

    Are the tops of the rear shocks on the convertible under the rear seat or in the area the top folds into? My search abilities failed to find anything on this, so apologies if it has been covered before. The 1972 Ford manual does not show anything specific to the Mustang and the parts book isn't...
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    Fluid for Borgeson when used with Ford pump?

    In an effort to save money, we are trying to recycle the Ford power steering pump with the Borgeson power steering box. They helpfully sell hoses to connect it to the Ford pump, but as I was reading the instructions, I noted they want us to use P/S fluid in it. The Ford unit used Type F ATF...
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    Paint for center gauge console?

    We are rehabbing a center gauge console. Is there a consensus on which black paint is the best match for the rest of the black interior? I see the Duplicolor and SEM flat black, but I would think a satin would be a better match. SEM has a satin and something called Landau black. I poked around...
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    flywheel, 157-164t, starter, backplate?

    We have a 72 with a 302 engine. We are swapping out the FMX to a T5 (pray for us!) and I just compared the old flywheel to the new one in the kit. The new one is about 1" smaller in diameter and is listed as a 157 tooth version. I presume that means the old one is the 164 tooth. From what I can...
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    Rear brake springs

    Argh, I hoped to be done with questions. When I opened the kit of parts for left rear drum on the 1972 302 convertible, the springs did not match what was there. They are in photo 1 next to the rusty old ones. Thinking that perhaps another kit would provide a match, I grabbed one from NAPA. They...
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    Grease for rear drum brake shoes

    The manual I have mentions putting some high temp grease on the points that the brake shoes contact the back plate. Would high temp anti-seize grease be good for that? I have some around, so it would be convenient. There should be a tube of caliper grease around, but the anti-seize surfaced up...
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    Rear drum questions

    I have the left rear brake apart on the 72 convertible. I noticed that it was assemble with the parking brake cable to the rear of the car. The images I have seen of the drum brake show the parking brake cable to the front. Ditto for the hole for the brake adjuster wheel. Am I fretting over...