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    Door glass alignment

    Hello I had to take the glass out on the drivers side door to change the guides ( anti rattle guides) The shaft that they go up and down on, the bottom bolt actually broke the metal off that it was bolted to. I just added larger washers instead of welding it. Works great but. Now when I close...
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    Smoke on start up

    So I rebuilt my 72 351c 2v a few years ago. Run great but I have alway had an issue. When I sits for awhile (a day or more) and I start it up. It always sound congested and smokes. ( light blue smoke). When it runs for a few minutes no more blue smoke and all is well. The heads were...
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    3rd member swop

    So I just swopped out my 2.75 3rd member with a 3.50. I took her for a ride and my speedometer was off by 20 mph. I had a 17 tooth speedometer gear. So I ordered and swoppped it out with a 21 tooth gear. I’m still out 5-6 mph I have on order a 23 tooth gear. I looked all over but it looks like...
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    Bake brake issue

    Hello all I just did my back brakes and we’ll I was bleeding them I noticed that there was no air in the lines but the brakes weren’t pushing against the drums like they should. I adjusted the brake shoes so it was snug to put the drum back on. I took it for a ride and all you could smell is...
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    2.75 to 3.50 3rd member swop issues

    So I took her out for a short ride today after upgrading my 2.75 3rd member to a 3.50 Have some issues! Brakes smell and smoking. I get that. I adjusted them so the drums went on with a little friction. Heat gun says 228 and 198 degrees both drums. The speedometer is way off. Like 20mph! I...
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    FMX swop for AOD

    Hey guys I have been researching about doing a 72 FMX swop to a AOD. I have a 351c in my 72 convertible. I have rebuilt the motor. Now a V4 with long header. I have 2:75 gears but plan to change to at least 3:30 and or up but no to crazy. She a cruiser not a racer. But I’d like to have a...