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    Joy Stick

    Anyone looking for a short version joystick from a F4U Corsair? Not a trick question. mike
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    Disc Brakes

    Considering installing rear disc brakes. This would be for a '71 M-code Grande with comp suspension package and toploader.  Any suggestions?  There are several kits available. mike
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    Can't hook up with their website, anyone have a similar experience? mike
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    Neil Peart car collection

    Neil Peart's car collection headed into the limelight at Gooding... | Hemmings No Mustangs but a good collection.
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    Picture of my car, sort of

    This photo was lifted from a Hemmings news letter. The first car in the lower left hand corner is mine, not exactly "mine" but a '71 Grande. Carspotting: Grand Bend, Ontario, 1973 | Hemmings mike
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    Vacuum Cleaner

    Just bought a vacuum that is more compact than my old one, also cord free. Can be used on carpet or hardwood, vacuum and soap clean. One feature is the WiFi capability.  My question being, why would a vacuum cleaner need internet access?  Am I missing something, are they running out of...
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    Hemmings Ad

    Only noticed this because the car comes with an "original" Cleveland engine.  How odd. mike
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    Lube Points

    How many lube points are on a '71 with PS, comp suspension and toploader? mike
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    Ford Production Video

    Interesting video from '55 mike
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    Rear End Question

    My Marti report reads my rear end is a "standard axle ratio 3.25",  9 on the door plate. This is an M-code w/toploader and comp suspension, I thought all configurations like  that came with a 3.50 and Trak-Loc.  The Eminger invoice makes no mention of the rear. mike
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    New Word

    Learned a new word today, I thought that was all over. Thalassocratic  Even the spell checker does not like it. Google translate does not know the word. mike
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    Computer question

    Using a Win7 computer how do you create a screen snapshot? Amazon wants me to email them a picture of the screen I am seeing. mike
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    What year Mustang

    Found this picture, not ours but cool. I attended. mike
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    Comet C/2020 F3 Neowise

    There is a naked eye comet visible just before dawn in the NE sky just below Capella. At least here in California.  Saw it this morning, great through simple binoculars. mike
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    USB recording

    Bought a Denon turntable, have a lot of vinyl, has the capacity to record your albums via a USB stick.  Which format to use?  Choices are MP3 or WAV. mike
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    Fuel Pump

    What is the best location for an electric fuel pump? Probably go with Holley as the '71 M-code has a Holley carb. mike
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    Wiring diagram

    Not a Mustang, but where would I look online for a diagram that covers a 1998 GMC Sonoma, specifically the power windows. Thanks mike
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    Hemmings ad

    Had to post this.  How cool if you lived near a lake. mike
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    Hemmings Listing

    Our cars don't turn up on Hemmings very often mike
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    Rebuild Invoice

    Was sorting through some papers and found a document listing the rebuild work on my engine.  I stole this never fired rebuilt long block from Don of OMS.  Sitting on a pallet wrapped in plastic and soaked in machine oil is how it arrived.  The work was done by Extreme Machine &amp...