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    Ford unlocks its vault

    Thought I would share this for all to read.
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    Mustang tail lights

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    For anyone interested in a beautiful 1 of 10 continuation Shelby cars, follow the link!

    For anyone interested in a beautiful 1 of 10 continuation Shelby cars, follow the link! 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake - Trucks & Auto Auctions (
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    What glass will fit 64-68 mustang coupes

    Hi Everyone, Im getting more confused the more I look. I have a 68 coupe and need to replace the door glass (not wing Glass). I see where 2 parts dealers say that the 64-68 door glass for coupes will fit each other. But the lower frames wont fit. Which would be Okay on the lower frames...
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    WHY? are 71-73 stangs so big?

    Ran across this video and thought you might like to see it. Very interesting.
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    Electric cars

    I was sent this video this morning and thought I would pass it along.  Has a mustang in the carnegie.  Im sure someone will say, they hooked it up wrong? well , how did it get in downtown traffic?    Sure.......Ill give up my muscle car and sit on top of battery.  $%^&*     ...
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    Parts parts parts.....Cheap

    Hi, I have a bunch of mustang parts I would like to sell.  Many of the parts are in Ford shipping boxs (some marked service parts). If you would like a picture email me please. All parts are new with exception of the badge emblems and the cluster.
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    302 Valve covers O.E.M Real or not?

    Help :-)  I have a 1968 302 4v j code mustang. I need to replace the valve covers as mine are dented. I ran across this set in town and need your opinion if they are actually O.E or not?  Seller says they are O.E.    I don't have a clue even after extensive internet searches? Thanks for your...
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    What is the right black out hood paint?

    I thought I saw a thread on this subject but cant find it now.  Oh Well, so...............what is the correct shade and sheen of black for the blackout hood? I wanna get it painted right the first time. I also assume the rear deck spoiler is the same code paint?  Thank you 
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    The International mustang show (Boise Idaho)

    Howdy, The international show was today. Man...... what a show for Couple of times I about peed myself :-)  Several 71-73 stangs there, along with 1964 1/2 to 2021.  I know the treasure valley club estimated 500 cars. Not sure the official count. I took a couple of pics from...
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    New 1968-1969 mustang coupe, grande, cougar TMI seat covers full set

    TMI seat covers full set front and back 68-69 mustang - $450 (Boise) Full set of TMI seat covers Black. Front and rear seats plus backs. These fit 1968 and 1969 low back seats for a coupe, cougar xr7, grande. These are new and NOT used, still in...
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    1969 1970 mustang coupe, grande, xr-7 exterior trim O.E

    1969 1970 Mustang grande xr7 exterior trim set - $450 (Boise) Hello, Set of exterior trim for a 1969 1970 grande, coupe xr-7, mustang. Pieces are in used condition and are 50 years old. Some are very good and some need a small dent removed here and there. Please email with questions Thank you...
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    International Mustang Meet boise Idaho sept 4 2021

    Just a reminder about the show dates. , This will be a very BIG showing. sept 3-6th 2021 main show Saturday sept 4th IMM42       The 42nd Annual International Mustang Meet (IMM42) is being hosted for the first time...
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    Vermillion or dark red interior?

    We have kinda been on this subject prior for me.   The car was built december 1970 for 1971. Its a mach1 with deluxe interior. The color code says vermillion 5e. However all the O.E original interior is in it. ( it sure looks 50 years old) is dark red.  This includes the headliner,seats , sail...
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    Tail light aluminum trim removal

    So..... I was hoping to save some money and buy a good set of used tail light lens's and replace the older ones. Anybody removed the aluminum trim on the lens?  It appears very stuck :-)  Appreciate the help!
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    Went to check on Mustang Sallys mach today

    It Was an emotional day today. It has been exactly 60 days since she passed and Fathers day and its the first time I seen her project car since her passing. Body work completed and epoxy primed. Block and paint next couple weeks. I attached a couple of pics because I told her that her dream car...
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    Mustang Sally has passed away, but never forgotten

    At home on 4-20-21 Sally has passed away from Multi Myeloma bone cancer. Her battle was fought hard and long for 12 years. Within the last year she has had a "Car t cell transplant" and a "Bone marrow stem cell transplant". Both to NO avail from this ruthless cancer. Sally and I were married for...
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    Best Car cover ?

    I need a car cover for my 71 mach. I went to ebay and they have 414 listed,  but they all look the same.  I must store the car outside. Please Let me know which cover you use and feel is a good one?  Thanks 
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    Back to the past Mustang racing

    I came across this youtube video. Just thought some would like to see some stangs run the 1/4 mile. Several 71-73 running. Enjoy :-)
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    Can you help Identify this trim piece

    Hi folks, I picked up a front valance from a guy today and it had aluminum trim pieces on each end. Ive never seen these on a mach1 ? or advertised in parts catalogs. He said the part came off a 71 mach 1. Can you guys clarify what these actually came on?  Pics attached