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  1. Idaho Chris

    Mustang Sisters

    Or probably more accurately; three sisters and a grand daughter! Thought I'd post a shot of my Mustangs all lined up, freshly waxed and hibernating for the winter.  Front to back: 2020 GT500 CF Track Pack, 1973 Mach1, 1969 428CJ Mach1, 1970 Boss 302 Drag Pack. Of course you already know...
  2. Idaho Chris

    Mach 1 Hood Decal NOT Stencil

    Anyone know of a source for a full mat black decal for the Mach 1 hood?  I am not wanting to paint.  With the quality of today's vinyl wraps I was thinking a vinyl decal would be worth trying.  As I recall a member from France posted up some pics of his car a while back with a decal and it...
  3. Idaho Chris

    Any idea what this wire/connector is for?

    Comes out of wiring harness that runs to engine bay just above the floor dimmer switch?
  4. Idaho Chris

    FMX Wiring Harness to Shifter Question

    So having removed my FMX transmission and installed a Tremec T-5 I would like to make up a short wiring harness.  I want to plug into the existing connector (previously connected to harness that ran to the automatic transmission shifter) on the engine side of the firewall. Before I start...
  5. Idaho Chris

    Can anyone tell me how to install this clip?

    It goes through a hole in the floor pan on the driver's side and holds up the gas line.  Thanks, -Chris
  6. Idaho Chris

    Free to a good home: FMX Transmission

    Offering to a 7173Mustangs forum member first before I put it up on eBay/Craig's List for sale. Torque Converter, Vacuum and Coolant Hard Lines Included.  Unfortunately it is too heavy to crate and ship, but if anyone is willing to drive up to Bonners Ferry Idaho it is yours to take home.
  7. Idaho Chris

    Alternator Bracket to Water Pump Bolts Question

    351C engine; the two bolts that hold the alternator bracket to the engine attach to the front of the water pump.  My questions is: do these attachment bolts penetrate the 'wet' area of the water pump?  If I remove them do I have to worry about radiator fluid leaking out or when I re-install them...
  8. Idaho Chris

    Vacuum Secondaries or Double Pumper

    Yeah I know there are probably better and more economical carburetors out there, but in my youth in the mid 70's I had a Holley 650 double pumper carb on my 351 Mach 1 and for my own nostalgic reasons I am thinking about going back to a similar carb I had all those years ago.  I am not sure...
  9. Idaho Chris

    Boss 351 Aluminum Valve Covers Stuck

    So I am tearing down the externals on my engine getting ready to do some painting on the engine.  I am not going to remove the engine since it appears to be in good shape.   Some context: In preparation for getting my Mach back running again after sitting 25+ years I have been doing a bit of...
  10. Idaho Chris

    28 Spline Rear End Standard?

    Am I right in assuming the standard rear end in a 1973 H code non locking rear end is 28 spline?  Thanks.
  11. Idaho Chris

    Two Questions: Please tell me what these parts do (photos)

    What does this little pneumatic valve attached to my heater hose do? What is this small bolt on plate with the two holes in the right side of my intake manifold for? Thanks for your help!
  12. Idaho Chris

    WTB Power Steering Cooler non-A/C Car

    I'd also like to buy the mounting bracket.  I am guesting these things are pretty rare.  I am prepared to pay well for one if it is reasonable condition.  Thanks!
  13. Idaho Chris

    Hello From North Idaho!

    New to the forum but I’ve been lurking for a while.  Since I am about to get serious with my project, I figured I’d introduce myself. Here’s my/the car’s story: While I am not the original owner, I am pretty close.  I bought the car in 1975 used from the local Ford dealer.  It is a 1973 2V...