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    71 Coupe Carlsbad CA

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    Greetings All! Glad to be back in the saddle...

    Welcome from Illinois! Nice looking ride.
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    New member in Virginia

    Welcome from Illinois and another vert owner!
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    Hello all from CA

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    Trim Rings

    There was a very good discussion on this awhile ago and it made me want to do the same - put mine back to the factory look. If I remember correctly there were 3 different trim ring produced depending upon which stock wheel you had: 14x6, 14x7 and 15x7. Mine came with trim rings and hub caps...
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    New member from Tulsa Oklahoma

    Welcome from Illinois.
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    New from Missouri

    Welcome from Illinois. Very nice looking vert.
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    New Member from Michigan

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    New member from Colorado

    Welcome from Illinois, Very nice looking coupe - definitely keep us updated after it arrives. And we do like pics here.
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    Moose is having a brother

    That’s a great looking car!
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    What's in a name?

    One more for you Greg: 71 gbvert - John
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    New member

    Welcome from Illinois and another vert owner. Very nice looking car.
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    New AZ Member

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    New here

    Welcome from Illinois! Great looking car - can you fill us in a little more about it? And we like pics btw.
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    From Moscow with love!

    Welcome from Illinois and another convertible owner! Very nice looking car. You will have to fill us in on the backstory on how you came to own it. There cannot be too many Mustangs there.
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    New fron Tigard Oregon

    Welcome from Illinois! Great looking car.
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    New guy from FL, hello…

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    Hello from SC

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    New from Australia

    Welcome from Illinois!
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    It Started

    Gotta love that feeling!