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    1971 Detroit Auto Show

    Someone posted this on LinkedIn earlier today..
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    71 Spring Special?

    Looks like One: not sure on the $7k price or the 351 Windsor....
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    71 Mexican Convertible

    Surfing CL and found this. Seems like I’ve seen this’s rough but for $750 you’d have an interesting vert!
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    To all our friends in the SE US, please take care in light of the incoming hurricane Florence. Hopefully the next two right behind that one - Isaac and Helene - will head out to the North Atlantic.
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    73 Q code convertible 4 speed

    surfing craigslist and found this - weren’t there only like 290 of these made?
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    1971 Grabber Blue at Chicago Auto Show

    Ford will have a 71 Mach 1 at the auto show. Caught something on he news saying 'You could win this car!'
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    Spare tire lock

    Sometimes elusive spare tire lock on Craigslist. Found it while surfing. Sorry, I tried to post a picture but couldn't.
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    1971 SCJ

    Looks interesting
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    1973 Convertible - Craigslist

    This belongs to someone that i know, and who lives near me. I'm not sure of overall condition, but it is a very clean original, and probably doesn't need much work. He inherited it from his father, and drives it occasionally - top down most of the time. Thought i'd post it here in case anyone...
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    Possible 72 Sprint?

    Found this on Craigslist. The front bumper and interior have me wondering....
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    New Member with a '71 Vert

    Hello! Found this website awhile ago, and I am finally getting around to joining. I purchased this Grabber Blue convertible from the previous owner in Overland Park, KS in 1986. I was seriously missing my 1969 Champagne Gold Mach 1 at the time, and found this one at a Mustang car show. There...