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  1. Jcloutier0722

    What did you do to your car today?

    I hear ya... I've grown to accept the bit of squat... though with just over 20,000 miles the springs haven't seen a lot of road miles for sure.
  2. Jcloutier0722

    What did you do to your car today?

    I gained a bit when replacing the totally dead 50 yr old Ford shocks but riding on 235/60-15 still only sit at 26.5" with the convertible... the new tires were moot as they're the same up front...
  3. Jcloutier0722

    Misc. hose wrapped around shock

    Thanks guys... Yes it broke off at valve itself... The opposite end is through the shock crossmember buried in that hole that is shown... 50 yr old originals have a lot of reference material that can be documented. Verified that everything around the new addition driver's dual pipe clears all...
  4. Jcloutier0722

    Post your funny stories, jokes, cartoons, etc.

    My funny story is car related...being a car guy from birth, I was always riding my bike to dealerships and checking out cars...I hopped into a 73 Cougar and all of the sudden, the showroom floor erupted in shouts...I thought I was being responsible but little did I know I grabbed the rimblow...
  5. Jcloutier0722

    Misc. hose wrapped around shock

    Makes perfect sense... probably got knocked around with the install ... I know exactly where to look now! Thanks!
  6. Jcloutier0722

    Misc. hose wrapped around shock

    It doesn't have any fluid in it and could be a vent tub of some sort ... once I get my head under the car I might have a better vantage point of where it was torn from.
  7. Jcloutier0722

    Misc. hose wrapped around shock

    Does anyone know what this hose goes to? Here's a pic from "original factory build" but since I've changed the shocks and the dual exhaust is now sharing the space. Now it looks ripped from the termination end and I'll investigate further over the weekend but any pointers before I find the...
  8. Jcloutier0722

    What did you do to your car today?

    Today was the the transformation to duals...just peaking out under the valance and sounding strong...I was a fanboy in a shop of old Mustangs and Cougars
  9. Jcloutier0722

    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    During the early bidding this car almost ended up in the the Netherlands :)
  10. Jcloutier0722

    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    I was glad the supplier had a match close to the interior... In 72 there was only black or white... Graphics express now has multiple shades
  11. Jcloutier0722

    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    Went from no stripes and wheel covers to this... dual exhaust being added this weekend. Fixed wobbly shifter Replaced 4 shocks Replaced all radiator & heater hoses Matching carpet floor mats Shakedown drives amounting to 3000 miles to date; almost 20% of its total 50 mileage in 3 months :)
  12. Jcloutier0722

    8 track player speed adjustment

    Ha... that was made at the manufacturing plant I went to work for I 1984 for Ford... radio line shutdown completely in 85 as the engine controls division took over a lot of the plant.
  13. Jcloutier0722

    Moose is having a brother

    Congrats... Nothing that a good power washing can't fix. Certainly a chameleon as nothing in the appearance arena matches the MARTI report... Someone took the time to change its identity. Must be witness protection ;)
  14. Jcloutier0722

    New member

    Welcome... Low mileage survivor here ( if I can stop driving it :) Just rolled 20,000...
  15. Jcloutier0722

    2 months of "shakedown" nearly complete

    The last of the cobwebs will occur later this month at Precision exhaust...the "Swiss cheese" original exhaust is getting a much needed makeocer.. 2 months and 2,000 miles have proven this low mileage survivor is ready for cruising...just rolled to 20,000 miles tonight.
  16. Jcloutier0722

    72 Mustang Restomod

    Mine is a "as it left the factory" but I appreciate the interpretation!
  17. Jcloutier0722

    Cowl intake to heater box radius

    Thanks. It's always good to know what the options are going into the future. It's a shame we couldn't turn back the clock 50 yrs to say " hey keep it clean and may put some undercoating down there"
  18. Jcloutier0722

    Cowl intake to heater box radius

    Any one here happen to know the radius of the cowl intake lip to lip? The one thing that seems ALL mustangs were prone to even when garage kept was the rusting of the cowl in this location. It's no where near opening it up for that $$$ replacement but I have a few ideas for "macguyvering" it...
  19. Jcloutier0722

    Heater core hose?

    Pete, maybe I missed it but what engine is under the hood? As your tearing into this, I have an all original 72 that I can get clean pics when you need it for other purposes if the engine is not the 302.