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  1. Idaho Chris

    Hello From Central Florida

    Great story. Welcome from North Idaho!
  2. Idaho Chris

    Engine bay paint.

    Jason- I have used what you are holding in your hand on a number of vehicles with good results> Duplicolor Semi Gloss Black Engine Paint. Just make sure you prep the surface well.
  3. Idaho Chris

    Fredensborg's 1973 Mach 1 improvement/build thread "Sleipnir"

    Jason- The 71/73 booster is not available in the repop world that I know of. In the event that you are in for a rebuild of the brake booster, here are the guys I used: Well respected outfit in the classic car world.
  4. Idaho Chris

    Valve cover beautification.

    You can also use paint stripper on them if you don't have access to a bead/sand blaster.
  5. Idaho Chris

    They say it is the best '72 Mach1 on the planet

    Sorry. I don't like it. I can appreciate the workmanship, but not much else. It is worth half what she spent the minute it left the shop.
  6. Idaho Chris

    Favorite Detailing Products

    After reading a paste wax comparison test last year I gave the winner a try: Turtle Wax Graphene Paste Wax. I'm impressed. Expensive, but what isn't these days...
  7. Idaho Chris

    Carby selection

    Everyone has an opinion on brand of carb and proper size. Next to oil selection, it is a common conversation at any gathering of car guys; online or in person it is always fun. As far as sizing, I generally go with what the calculators/formulas recommend. Unless you are going to regularly play...
  8. Idaho Chris

    Dual Exhaust on single exhaust car this might help

    I drilled holes and used thread cutting bolts when I converted my single over to dual. Worked well for me.
  9. Idaho Chris

    OEM battery clock

    Who did your quartz conversion?
  10. Idaho Chris

    What's in a name?

    Greg- Don't forget to add yourself! I don't see you "Austin Vert" on the list.
  11. Idaho Chris

    Findings in my Oil-Pan

    +1 on the Pertronix distributor. No issues with mine and it is hard to tell it is not the stock unit.
  12. Idaho Chris

    Hello from Hamburg

    Welcome from North Idaho! I spent some years in my childhood in Bad Hamburg near Frankfurt. I look forward to hearing more about your Mustang's progress. How great to be able to ring it out once in a while on the Autobahn!
  13. Idaho Chris

    Not a Mustang but I Couldn't Resist

    Love the color combination you chose!
  14. Idaho Chris

    Another Craigslist find

    From the photos it looks like a good deal at $20K.
  15. Idaho Chris

    Heater box assembly

    Per the Ford service manual you don't need to disassemble the dash. I was able to wiggle my heater box back in place fully assembled with all clips in place. As I recall I did not have the carpets or seats in the car (or the side kick panel & glove box). This gave me a tad more room to get...
  16. Idaho Chris

    Smoke on start up

    I'm thinking valve guides, particularly if compression is good.
  17. Idaho Chris

    What did you do to your car today?

    Tom- Attached video shows stock tips and positioning which I believe to be accurate.
  18. Idaho Chris

    I finally found my home!

    Welcome from North Idaho!
  19. Idaho Chris

    Rear Springs

    I installed a set of Eaton Competition Suspension 138lb springs on my '73 last summer. Worth every penny. If you go the Eaton route spend the extra bucks to buy their shackle/bushing kit at the same time. Also worth every penny!
  20. Idaho Chris

    Anyone know a good reliable transporter company?

    I have used Reliable Carriers many times over the past 15+ years. Highly recommend.