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  1. Fabrice

    Engine bay paint.

    I went for big guns as we could drown in air humidity sometimes over here: on acid cleaned metal, 2k epoxy primer for marine industry sprayed at 2.5 bars. 1.8 nozzle/fine water sanding, 2k wetOnWet primer/1.4nozzle/fine water sanding, 2k semi gloss black chassis paint at 2.2 bars/1.4nozzle for a...
  2. Fabrice

    Trunk lid will not stay open

    The rods/torsion bars are twisting gaining and storing energy, if the weight is too much because of metal tiredness, I guess welding a rod of same diameter on one of the two bars, kinda doubling its diameter should fix the problem.
  3. Fabrice

    Leaky Steering Box

    Rebuild my 71 box last year. It's not hard but not easy either. First to add to the tools cited above: - you need a pitman arm extractor, ( bought one from rockauto) - in videos I've seen prior doing mine, you see the guys using pliers to go around the need to use special tools mainly to...
  4. Fabrice

    Horde old parts, or toss?

    I don't have much old parts left over, I restore 99% of them. The ones I did not restore like callipers, lower arm, rotors would have cost more to service them than buy new ones. The days I could let sandblasted and turn rotors for little price for instance are long gone. But I keep them...
  5. Fabrice

    Had to laugh when I saw this!

    What is a BJ? I have some idea, but it's probably not it :O
  6. Fabrice

    Window felt

    Are there btw felts with chrome for fastbacks?
  7. Fabrice

    My 73

    DIY POWA! Looking sharp! Well done!
  8. Fabrice

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2022 - June 14-17 - Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, Pensacola, Atlanta

    @Tnfastbk, sorry to hear that, that's a bunch of unlucky events. And they of course occur the day you don't want them to happen... The Griffin radiator split? How thin is that thing? Aren't they supposed to sustain pressures no engine would ever reach? "Got under the dash and found the master...
  9. Fabrice

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2022 - June 14-17 - Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, Pensacola, Atlanta

    The total miles driven were 2,865 and not 1,865. And just a broken belt, not bad at all for a 50yo big stang!! :D I don't think many can claim to enjoy their 71-3 as much as you do! I wish I could!
  10. Fabrice

    “Brakes” light constantly on in instrument cluster

    @71ProjectJunk I use a large flat screwdriver alone, as you do not need any real tension when you take a certain order and have the tensioner almost loose, but the last one that connects to top needs to glide like 1 inch over the screwdriver while tension builds up before it flips behind and...
  11. Fabrice

    Hello all from CA

    Good luck with the restoration! Welcome from the northern Netherlands
  12. Fabrice

    New to the group, Lifelong Mustang guy

    Beautiful vert. Amazing how good looking the ginger interior is. With bits of delay, welcome from the northern Netherlands!
  13. Fabrice

    Parts Wanted Brake booster assembly

    Got that 9' inch from Leed on my 73. I like it for creating space in that area for all the additional wiring/relays etc.. of my Sniper. The feeling on the pedal is less smooth than with the 11 but perfectly fine. They come with 2 rods to accommodate both 71 and 72-73 models. That was 2 years...
  14. Fabrice

    Hand brake?

    I guess it's just about cable tension, finding the right lever should not be a prob technically, the challenge will be to decide where to place it. As you have an automatic, likely a C6 or FMX, it's quite crowded into the tunnel. To add one that feels as on most cars, that would place the lever...
  15. Fabrice

    Hemikiller's 71 Mach 1 upgrade thread

    Starts on 1/4 rotation and idles perfect, no back fire, no exhaust leak, no engine shaking, good vacuum, super sound, perfect install. Man these vids are boring! :D
  16. Fabrice

    Hemikiller's 71 Mach 1 upgrade thread

    You're aware that we do expect a video of the event right? Right? :D
  17. Fabrice

    Amazing Collection of 71 Mustangs

    I bet this man heard a few times in the past that it might be a bit silly to collect "big" mustangs! Who's laughing now! On this side of the ocean it would be an impossible task to even hope to find SC or SCJ used parts for just one car, imagine with the tens he got in restoration! Original 429...
  18. Fabrice

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2022 - June 14-17 - Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, Pensacola, Atlanta

    Watched VGG update and a few others vids on the tour. Where are the 7123??? Haven't seen one yet.
  19. Fabrice

    71 Mach 1 Resto project

    So much great work done already! I'll be enjoying dashboard fun somewhere end of this year. So thanks for the update picts!! What's the future interior colour plan?