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  1. AcesArneson

    GT40 intake on a '73, hood clearance??

    I have been looking for information on hood clearance. Does anyone have a link for 1973 Mustang stock hood clearance? I want to know if I will have to modify my hood to fit a GT40 intake manifold on my cleveland. I wasn't thinking about it before I pulled the motor and took it to the mechanic so...
  2. AcesArneson

    Has anyone tried CHI 208 heads and intake for EFI?

    Hey gang, just working on a cleveland rebuild and I am running into supply troubles for an off-the-shelf EFI intake manifold. I looked at Trickflow but it sounds like they had a fire at one of the factories and are a few months away from being able to supply parts. If I go with a Weiand intake...
  3. AcesArneson

    Time to restore

    I am in the planning stages for rebuilding my 73 Vert 351c -2V. Sending the motor out for rebuild to a shop that knows the engine and its oiling issues and knows how to fix them. I am looking for 450 hp from the engine and assume my FMX wont handle the torque and hp. I would like to know if...
  4. AcesArneson

    Need a Canadian engine rebuilder

    Hey folks, not sure if there are other Canadians on this site or not but I live in Alberta and need a reference for an engine rebuilder. I have been completely overwhelmed with the information on the 351 Cleveland and want the rebuild to offer something special.
  5. AcesArneson

    New poster

    paying for a 1973 Mustang Convertible H_code 351C-2V that was originally painted pink at the factory. The car was purchased by a Mrs. Beny in Lethbridge Alberta Canada. She was the wife of the Dunlop Ford Sales Manager in the 70's and apparently wanted a pink mustang convertible. The car was...