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  1. 73inNH

    Antenna Block Plate?

    My 1973 Vert has a normal whip antenna on the passenger side front. Are there any options to remove the antenna and block the hole? Or find a retractable option that retracts all the way?
  2. 73inNH

    Radio Delete Plate

    My 73 Mustang has an aftermarket 2 post radio that I don't use, and I don't have the original. I'd like to install a delete plate. Any idea where I can get one or one that fits well enough? Not looking for concourse, just a decent fit and finish.
  3. 73inNH

    Resetting Turn-Signal Cancelling Cam

    I recently replaced my 4-turn steering box with a 3-turn steering box (thread: Works great! EXCEPT: Now when I use my directionals, they don't always turn off (cancel). My theory is that now that I have a quick-ratio...
  4. 73inNH

    Shout out to the 73 351C 4V!

    Hi all! Just a feel-good post to say how happy I am with my engine. :) 73 Vert with 351C 4V, 3.25 gears, 4 speed. The engine internals have never been opened, but I've done the following: Edelbrock 4V Intake (used) Edelbrock 650 AVS 2 carb (with choke removed) FPA headers 2.5" exhaust...
  5. 73inNH

    1973 Aluminum Bumper Brackets

    Has anyone used these aluminum front bumper brackets? (scroll down some) Wondering about the weight savings and fit/finish. These are for 1973 Mustangs . . .
  6. 73inNH

    Electric Water Pump Options

    Any thoughts/options for bolt-on electric water pumps for the '73 351C 4V? I'd like to replace my water pump at some point as I don't know the age (preventative maintenance) and thought an electric pump might be a decent upgrade (save some weight, maybe a HP or two, clean up the engine bay a...
  7. 73inNH

    Cleaning Contacts Pays Off

    I read a few threads recently about taking apart the rear tail lights, cleaning the internals and repainting them white. The basic thinking is that this brightens the light output. I started in on that today, but when I took the tail lights off, they felt a little too brittle to pry out the...
  8. 73inNH

    Need opinions on Redhead Steering

    1973 Mustang Vert, 351C 4V, PS My steering has too much play. The play appears to be coming from the steering box. Anyone use one of these? Opinions? Also, I currently have the four turns lock to...
  9. 73inNH

    Header/ Exhaust Review

    Hi! There aren't a crazy amount of header/exhaust options for our cars, so I thought I'd post a quick blurb about what I did over the Winter. The setup below was install on my car: 1973 Mustang Convertible, 351C 4V, P/S, A/C, 4 Speed, Competition Suspension 1. Headers: I used this set. These...
  10. 73inNH

    Need advice on exhaust > header connection

    1973 351C 4V vert, 4 speed I installed FPA headers on my car and am about to install a new exhaust. My question is connecting the exhaust to the headers. The headers end in a 3" collector. The headers included a ball coupling reduced to 2.5". In the attached photos, the outward flanged piece...
  11. 73inNH

    SOLD 1973 Convertible Interior Rear Quarters

    These are original black interior quarters from a 1973 convertible. They would be in decent shape, except a previous owner cut speaker holes in them. Still, if you need interior quarters, these are good enough to use. They have ash tray cutouts, but do not include ash trays. $300+ shipping...
  12. 73inNH

    SOLD: Z-Bar, 1973 Mustang 351C, 4 Speed

    Z Bar removed from 1973 Mustang Vert, 351c, 4 speed. I replaced this with aftermarket because the end link has some play in it. The rod end link can be replaced (which I probably should've done instead buying a replacement). $100 + shipping from 03087.
  13. 73inNH

    General Consensus on Replacement 351C Heads

    I'm slowly building up the engine in my '73 351C 4V Vert. I've added an Edelbrock intake, AVS2 carb, and FPA headers (still waiting on the exhaust). I haven't touched the heads yet. I'm aware that the valves are a weak spot here, and I'm sure the springs are tired. Depending on cost, I'm...
  14. 73inNH

    WTB: 1973 Rear window handle

    I broke the knob off my right side interior rear window handle. These handles are different than the front handles in that they are much shorter. Looking for a replacement in good condition. Doesn't need to be show quality but decent.
  15. 73inNH

    SOLD 1973 Mustang Air Cleaner Assembly and Cold Air Pipe

    I removed the air cleaner assembly and cold air pipe from my 1973 Mustang 351C, 4V. All in good condition. Located in 03087. $300. I'm making some guesses on the pricing. Let me know if I'm way off.
  16. 73inNH

    1973 Intake Manifold and Exhaust Manifold SOLD

    Hi! Both from 1973 351C, 4V: Stock intake manifold: $100 Stock exhaust manifold: $200 I believe these items are the same on the Mach 1. However I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.  :) Both in good condition, no leaks, no cracks. Items are located in 03087 and are heavy. Local...
  17. 73inNH

    Installed FPA Headers

    Installed FPA headers on my 73 vert today. 351C, 4V. They fit fine. It took me longer to get the old exhaust manifolds out and then to get the new headers in.  :) I have kind of the worst case scenario for headers: four speed with z bar, power steering, air conditioning. The headers went in...
  18. 73inNH

    Exhaust to bolt up to FPA headers

    I have 351c FPA headers on the way! My current exhaust is 2" crush-bend dual with h pipe. I'd like to move into two and a half inch mandrel bent with h or x pipe. Any thoughts as to a system that will bolt up? Or am I looking for something custom? 73 vert, 351c 4v
  19. 73inNH

    Power Steering Hose Blew Off

    Made a mess this AM . . . 1973 Vert, 351, PS/AC. Started the car, noticed the wheel was tough to turn, backed up and saw pretty much all of the PS fluid on the ground. Out comes the kitty litter. It made a MESS under the hood. I'll be cleaning that for months . . . I found the issue. The low...
  20. 73inNH

    Rattling Windows / 1973

    1973 Vert My door glass rattles on both sides. I think there's a pretty in-depth Ford procedure to set these up correctly. Anyone have a copy? I'd like to go through the process.