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    Nice looking Mach 1 on Seattle craigslist

    I was checking the local craigslist for anything of interest and came across this 73 Mach 1. Looks very original and clean. Just wanted to share.
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    Convertible top latch assembly

    Has anyone bought a reproduction latch assembly? I am wondering if they fit and work like the oem assembly.
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    oil consumption

    I have a D0VE-A block w/460 crank, SCJ iron heads, performer rpm. It ran good, a little oil on the spark plug threads but didn't foul plugs. I took it apart to see what was in the engine and freshen it up. When I removed the intake, I noticed a sticky film of oil in all of the intake ports and...
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    New member

    Hi, I am in the Seattle area and am a long time Mustang enthusiast. I currently have a 71 convert with a 429 cj, 4spd and N case 31 spl rear. I also have a 69 fastback that I am currently building to be a street/strip car. My purpose for joining this site is to exchange technical information...