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  1. Mac

    71 429 coupe featured in latest Hemmings mag

    Our cars are starting to get more attention. In the May 2022 issue of Hemmings Muscle Machines, there is a nice 7 page write up on a silver 71 coupe powered by a 429. The car looks like a show car but is also a drag car. I won't say that this car is fast, but looking at the owner's picture it...
  2. Mac

    Pay postage and its yours free

    A friend gave me a copy of the Nov, 2011 Hemmings Motor News magazine. The feature story as shown on the front cover is, "Buyer'sGuide: 1971-73 Ford Mustang". Already had a copy, so if you want it, send me $6 (a guess at shipping). I can give you a firm shipping cost once I know where, but...
  3. Mac

    1971 Ford Mustang TV Ad Commercial (3/4) Farrah Fawcett

    Came across an old tv commercial with Farrah Fawcett's '71 coupe in it. Attached link below. Mac
  4. Mac

    What gage?

    What gage wire is used in under the hood light?
  5. Mac

    WTB Fusible link wire

    Looking to buy the fusible link wire that connects the under the hood light harness to the solenoid.
  6. Mac

    Man cave stuff

    FYI - found a nice piece for my man cave from Hobby Lobby. See attached photo. It measures 20" wide x 30" tall x 1" thick canvas painting. Close out cost is $20.99. Mac
  7. Mac

    WTB Under Hood Light

    Looking to buy a under the hood light assembly, part No D2ZB-157002-AA.
  8. Mac

    Any ideas

    The last time I was in Belgium, I snap a photo of an unusual Ford convertible.  Never did get close enough to speak to the owner.  Often wondered what this car was.  Only knew that it looked like a factory Ford product.  Any one have any ideas what this is?  Features?  Costs, etc?? Mac
  9. Mac

    Collector Car Insurance

    Looking to possibly change insurance carrier on my Mach.  Interested in feedback from 7173 members as to who they insure their car(s) with and if they ever had a claim and the results of claim.  
  10. Mac

    Looking for 65 fastback

    I am posting this for a friend.  He is looking to locate his old Mustang.  It was a 1965 Fastback, red on red, vin #5F09A732298.  It's drive train was converted to a 289 hipo (k code) train with a 9"rear end.  Last known location was in the state of Georgia.  Any and all leads will be followed...
  11. Mac

    Would you buy a 71-73 again?

    Just wondering, how many current 71-73 owners would actually "rebuy" a 71-73 again if they had the chance to buy their car again.  Myself I bought my car in the spring of '72 as a demo with 5,000 miles on it.  The price was right ($2995) but I wasn't wild about the options.  Would have preferred...
  12. Mac

    7173 Mustang Tee Shirts

    Not sure who to direct this too, Rocketman maybe?  Anyway is there any 7173 tee shirts available?  If not, is there plans to make more?  I'm sure that there would be enough interest for a second run. Thanks! Mac
  13. Mac

    1966 Convertible window trim

    I am the original owner of my 71 Mach, but like many other members I own other Mustangs.  Currently finishing up restoration of my 66 convertible and hoping that some other members may have the lower front windshield trim that is between the dash pad and the window itself.  I believe that this...
  14. Mac

    Car Name

    Just wondering.  How many members gave their car a name?  For myself, I've owned my 71 Mach since new and my family, friends and myself have always refered to it as, "The Mach".  I do have other friends with Mustangs who also given them names.  What do you call yours? Mac
  15. Mac

    1973 Mustang Coupe for sale

    The following is an ad that appeared in my local newspaper in Canfield, Ohio today.  I am not selling this car, I do not have any other info other than what the ad states.  I'm only passing this on for your info.: "1973 Mustang - Coupe - Brown with brown vinyl top, saddle interior, only 23k...
  16. Mac

    Like / dislike of 71-73 Mustangs

    All, OK, if you are reading this, you either own one, thinking about one or looking for info on one.  With that said, I'm sure that you like certain things/features that you like/love and like wise hate some features or things as well and would love to change.  Just curious as to how you feel...
  17. Mac

    Alarm systems

    Do you have an alarm system in your car?  What type?  Costly?  Are you satisfied with it?  Difficult to install? Mac
  18. Mac

    Exhuast tips puzzle

    OK Guys, Being the original owner of my car, I knew that I would be keeping it so I've been gathering pieces and parts over the years.  One thing I've picked up is a puzzle, exhaust tip with ford part number D1ZZ 5255-D.  The "ZZ" indicates "Mustang" but when compared to original exhaust tips...
  19. Mac

    End of the season in Ohio

    Sad, but winter is almost here in Ohio.  Tomorrow 2 to 6 inches of snow is forecast.  So yesterday I took my Mach out for one last spin before bedding it down for the winter.  Time to get back on restoring my '66 convertible. One item of interest here in Ohio, this past year a front plate is no...
  20. Mac

    Good Bye Cruel World

    Brad lived in California and was a lifelong environmentalist.  He was sick of the world; of Covid-19, Brexit, Russian belligerence, global warming, racial tensions, and the rest of the disturbing stories that occupy media headlines. Brad drove his car into his garage and then sealed every...