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  1. jpaz

    Happy Mustang Day!

    Have a great Mustang Day everyone!
  2. jpaz

    50th B Day

    My car was built today, 2-2-72. So Here’s to another Mustang turning 50! 🍺🍺
  3. jpaz

    Got burned... literally

    So I had a little accident on the 4th of July. I tripped and fell into a bonfire. 🤬 Was at my sisters house on a lake that they had just moved into early this year. Was by myself at the time, so that made it worse. I was barefoot and I smashed one of my toes into the corner of a brick paver. Got...
  4. jpaz

    Carb problem

    Ok I thought I had maybe got some bad gas, not sure now. Yesterday I was driving my car and it started hesitating and then it quit running. Pulled on to a side street and stopped rolling. Then I tried to start the engine and it started back up. Took off and it died again. So after a few minutes...
  5. jpaz

    Bad Gas?

    Took my Mach out for a drive today and had to get it towed back home. It was running great and I have probably driven it about 100 miles so far this year. Stopped and got gas where I usually do, filled  it with 93 octane. Got about 1/8 -1/4 mile up the road and it started chugging and it just...
  6. jpaz

    Steering Wheel Rehab

    I repaired my badly cracked steering wheel and finally got around to putting it back on. Was pretty easy to fix. I used my Dremel tool to grind out the cracks to make them larger. That makes a nice surface for the epoxy to grab to, and it makes it so you can get enough epoxy in the cracks. If...
  7. jpaz


  8. jpaz

    Fall pictures of my 72 Mach1

  9. jpaz

    Leaking carb float

    So I have been having some problems with keeping the proper fuel level in the front bowl. I have a Quick Fuel 735 dual feed with vacuum secondaries and electric choke. Anyway, the last couple weeks I have had to adjust the flat level a couple times, after I thought I had it right. I have cleaned...
  10. jpaz

    Horns not working

    Hi all, I am having problems with my horns not working. The hi pitch one doesn’t work at all and the low one just sounds sickly. It barley works at all. I did try to connect the hi one to the low pitch wire, but it still doesn’t make a sound. I still need to try switching the low to the hi wire...
  11. jpaz

    Dream Cruise

    Well I have heard that the 2020 Dream Cruise has been cancelled. No one wants all the events that go along with it to happen because of the pandemic. To many people to close together. They are saying that they can’t keep cars from cruising up and down Woodward, but none of the cities want or...
  12. jpaz

    Oil pressure

    I am having some weird oil pressure readings on my newly built 351 Cleveland. At cold start I get 75-80 psi with the fast idle. Then hot idle is 25 and cruising around town around 50 psi. That’s all good as far as I know, but after engine is at operating temp my gauge sometimes starts jumping...
  13. jpaz

    Carburetor bowl leak down

    Hi all, I am wondering if the fuel in the carb bowls should be gone after sitting overnight? I have a Quick Fuel 735 with see through sites on front and back bowls. I drove it yesterday and there is no gas visible in either one today.
  14. jpaz

    Local club pic

    Was checking for any updates on my local car club/cruise in web site and was pleasantly surprised with their new pic for the year. 1st cruise in is still planned for Monday May 4. Hopefully we’re able to.
  15. jpaz

    Rear sway bar

    I have been trying to install the Addco 990 rear sway bar in my 72 Mach 1. It has the factory 1/2” bar and the 990 is a 7/8” replacement. It’s supposed to be a direct replacement for the factory one, with no modifications necessary.  Well the one I got is about 1 1/2” to wide where the bushings...
  16. jpaz

    Back seat upside down

    Recently I removed the back seat in my Mach 1 to do a few different things. I converted my 1/4 windows to roll down, replaced the crappy speaker wire that the po put in and I replaced the shocks. 1st time for me to remove the rear seat, which was a challenge with a bum left arm, but I got it...
  17. jpaz

    Headliner hole

    I punched a very small hole into my headliner today while trying to install the trim above the door. :@ Damn it! Lol, not real bad but definitely a hole. How should I try to repair? I was thinking of just using some Gorilla super glue with some black paint mixed in it. I have some that is in a...
  18. jpaz

    Barrett Jackson

    Just saw a pretty nice looking grabber yellow B351 sell for 40k. I thought the prices were up on these. But I didn’t see very much of the car other than it crossing the block.
  19. jpaz

    Zero lash

    Hey all, I’m having trouble setting zero lash. When I do it per the instructions the rockers are really sloppy. I have a newly rebuilt 351 Cleveland. I have 71 closed chamber heads on my 72 Q code block. It’s .040 over with 10.3:1 compression. I have a Crower flat tappet cam with Crower cam...
  20. jpaz

    Manifold hits distributor

    Hey guys was wondering what I can do about this. I have a Blue Thunder intake manifold which is higher than the stock one, so the distributor is right up against it. I can’t re-stab the distributor in any other position because of the water hose and a/c unit being in the way. It’s a real pita...