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    The Rickster - a 73 Mach 1 work in progress

    Yes they are 73's ... Hang them on the garage wall of shame with my name on under them The set of 71-2 s will go out today - no need to return the incorrect 73's, it was my mistake, sorry don't know how the heck I did that.
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    The Rickster - a 73 Mach 1 work in progress

    Ron, I will send a set of 71-2 frame mounts on Monday, sorry for the mistake.
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    The Rickster - a 73 Mach 1 work in progress

    Ron, those mounts look like 73 frame mounts not 71-2
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    Sherman vs Dynacorn Hood?

    The hoods Dynacorn are having made are fine. No they are not using O E tooling. Scott Drake does not make one ... they put a Drake sticker on whatever hood they buy. This goes for any truck freight delivery If you order a hood inspect it BEFORE signing the truck drivers delivery ticket...
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    Removing old and Installing new lower Rocker Panels - How to Remove the old Rivets and old Plastic Clips ?

    You do NOT remove the rivets The plastic retainers will slide off [ look at them closely ]  The bottom slides left or right [ look at the slot ] then you can lift it off of the rivet head. Next push the retainer up to release it off the top rivet Install new clips in reverse order
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    WTB - Front seat frames

    Mike, for 71 - early 72 center release or late  72 - 73 outside release
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    RIBS 71 convertible build JUNE 21 till??

    Do some checking around the striker area , you should be able to see it from inside the quarter panel access.  That tended to rot as it was two layers of bare metal
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    Front window part help

    9.00 on ebay   eBay item number: 133658718270    or pm me
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    Got burned... literally

    The quick thinking and getting into the lake probably helped a lot.  I hope you have a speedy recovery and do not have more long term pain. 
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    Disco brakes

    I have several complete disc set ups pulled from parts cars for a swap out PM me for more info
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    FOUND! Ford (not reproduction) NACA NASA hood scoops (pair)

    Peter, just saw this, you still looking?
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    1972 Q-CODE 4SPEED 351CJ BUILD

    As always nice work Scott and welcome back
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    Post your funny stories, jokes, cartoons, etc.

    I was dropping off several wiring harnesses to a guy to have them refurbished. At that time he lived in a warm south east part of the county and what I thought was odd. He had a fireplace in every room, who the heck has a fireplace in every room including the bathroom.
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    Anybody catch the fastback in the show Young Sheldon

    Sheldon's older brother was driving a fastback ... was a night time scene,  couple of quick drive past shots couldn't tell what year it was. Interior shot looked like deluxe material on the front seats ... not Mach 1 sport.
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    fastback seat platform

    PM sent with pictures
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    fastback seat platform

    Chris, I think I have a nice passenger side platform
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    Mach 1, Rear panel below rear window

    If I remember correctly , it should have went in before the window as I don't think you can see the channel now.  Back edge slides in and the front edge gets screwed down on early cars [ 71 ] and riveted down on 72 and 73 You might be able to use another strip of sheet metal to lift the seal...
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    Dynacorn Full Shock Tower Apron Assembly - Anyone used them?

    I have sold 9 or 10 of them with no complaints Turtle are you going to rebuild your car... I have a  complete frt clip 
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    Mustang Sally has passed away, but never forgotten

    Rod, I am sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and your family Cancer sucks