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    Scott drake Ram air hood ?????

    I have been wishing for a ram air hood for my Grande for a long time now and now i found one for sale here in Sweden. It is a Skott drake (D1ZZ-16612) wonder if there is any one how have any thing to say abut these hoods, good or bad ??? Sens i live in Sweden there are not that many to choose...
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    steering renovation

    Yes, everything is assembled and even though some of the parts did not look exactly like the original part did everything fit okej. But instead of switching the lower outer ball joint if needed I recommend changing the whole arm instead.. How the quality is on the parts remains to be seen but...
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    steering renovation

    Took some time to get the spare parts due to covid but now they are in place. I took some pictures of the new spare parts together with the old ones, the parts number i refers to is from Summit. Pitman arm POF-103-10057 looked just like the old one and felt like good quality. Idler arm...
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    Grande Pics

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    DIY Shock tower brace and Monte carlo bar

    Vary nice, i like almost everything you do on your car, really high quality on everthing.
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    She's alive!

    I cant help you with your problem, but i absolutely LOVE the way the engine looks !!!!
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    Going Green....

    Really nice, much better in green. What product do you use to color it with? How durable is the paint?
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    steering renovation

    Ordered parts last Friday, so now all that remains is to wait. I really do not think it has any significance to my driving either, but I took Moog parts if they had otherwise it became the brand that existed. Will try to come back with comparisons between the parts when I get them home
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    1973 Grille chrome question

    I did it many years ago but can not remember that there were any big problems. I do not remember what brand it was on the one I bought but I think it came from NPD. The only thing I reacted to was that the color was not the same as on the original, if that is important. But regardless of...
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    Recaro seat install (Expert M model).

    Really nice ! Recaro is fantastic seats, slightly jealos on you 
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    steering renovation

    To answer some of your questions, the car has power steering and a standard column. I had planned to change everything while I had it all disassembled but maybe it's better to reuse the steering coupler and idler arm, because I can not see anything wrong with these. Hate that it should be so...
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    steering renovation

    thanks for the reply. It's just the parts for the steering which is left to change, everything else is already new in the front. So I intend to replace the tie rod ends, pitman arm, idler arm and steering coupler so everything is new and hopefully the car will be little more stable on the road
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    steering renovation

    Hey all. I will renovate the steering on may Mustang this winter, I intend to replace all joints and rubber parts and thought I would consult with you all for advice on which parts to choose. Since I live in Sweden, I am a bit limited in where I can shop, I intend to order parts from Summit...
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    new photo shoot at an old gas station

    Super nice pictures and super nice car !!!!!!!!
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    Fabrice's 429CJ 71 project

    Love the color, looks really nice !!!
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    New Member

    Welcome! nice Grande you have there
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    73 Grande Q code
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    Another 71 M code

    Very Nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My 1973 Grande

    Two weeks ago, my mustang stopped in the yard and refused to start again. Something in the ignition was wrong, not quite sure what, but got it going as it should again tonight. I think that the ignition system is simply worn and needs a proper overhaul but it is nice that it runs again. But...