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  1. RocketFoot


    If you have finished a big project or have a little tip to help finish even the smallest project...create a thread in our Tutorials section with all the details!! It will be great information to help the next guy that is looking for a quick solution or some step by step how to instructions for...
  2. RocketFoot

    Why the change?

    Sorry about the big change and lack of notice but I had to act fast... Forum license fees and server costs jumped once again and I just couldn't handle the increases so I partnered with a company that provides top notch hosting and software in exchange for ad revenue! They take care of all...
  3. RocketFoot

    Calendar Photo Request! 2022

    Hi's a little bit of a late start, but 2022 is almost here and some members have displayed interest for a 2022 Mustang Calendar!  Problem is, I don't have enough high res photos to put one together!  So this is where we need your help!  Post up your best, high quality photos in this...
  4. RocketFoot

    7173 Daily Trivia Contest!

    Do we have any trivia fans in here?  I set up a trivia challenge for all forum members!  Questions are not Mustang related - mostly general knowledge type quizzes!  10 questions daily! Use your forum username to register so we can track leaders in the standings page!  Here is the link...
  5. RocketFoot

    Start a 7173 Club!!

    Just a reminder that you can start your very own 7173 Mustang club right here in our forums!  I just created the Yellow Mustang Club but you can start a color club or maybe a City club to find members local to you...or even start an online version of your local Mustang club!  It is easy and FREE...
  6. RocketFoot

    Automatic Button Maker!

    I just added a button maker to the forum's post editor!  It is the little gray rectangle next to the emoji icon in the post editor...just click it when typing a post and fill in the title and URL that the button should link to and DONE!  You can also choose color and sizes if you wish!  It's...
  7. RocketFoot

    The Winner of the 2021 Summer Raffle!!!

    I apologize in advance for my terrible, unscripted, random prize drawing video, LOL!!  I am not real good at making videos, but the drawing went super smooth and I am happy to announce that we have a lucky winner!!  ...and yes, my accent is East Pittsburgh...LOL!!  If you really don't want to...
  8. RocketFoot

    Hagerty Valuation Report

    Did you guys see this?  Hagerty Vehicle Evaluation Reports!  I know it isn't written in stone and every car is different, but still!  My car came up at $28,100 in good condition!  Maybe the market is starting to turn in our favor!
  9. RocketFoot

    Summer 2021 Raffle!

    Hey gang!  It is time for our Summer 2021 Raffle and thanks to a very generous forum supporter, we have a super awesome prize to raffle off!  It is a Dewalt 20 volt Air Inflator!  This unit will inflate tires with high pressure low volume air or inflate mattresses with low pressure high volume...
  10. RocketFoot

    Describe what you do for a living...BUT, descibe it very poorly!

    Here is my poorly described job description: I do precision guess work based on limited and sometimes useless data provided by people with questionable knowledge and unknown backgrounds pertaining to the subject!
  11. RocketFoot

    Any Home Theater Owners here?

    Just wondering if any 7173 Mustang members have a home theater system or dedicated media/TV room?  With Covid, they seem to have really gained popularity lately!  I am working on a modest room in my basement...nothing too extravagant but it is really cool to watch movies with cinema grade...
  12. RocketFoot

    Attention New Members!! VIP Status! Only $25

    I had a couple PM's asking about how to become a VIP Member... It is real easy, just go to this link and choose the package that you want and check out with Paypal!! VIP Packages start at just $25 for lifetime membership! Higher priced...
  13. RocketFoot

    My favorite holiday plate!

  14. RocketFoot

    Virtual Santa Visit!

    This is a virtual visit with Santa!  Tell Santa what is on your wish list this year!  Could be car parts or anything else... In the mean time, Merry Christmas and stay safe!
  15. RocketFoot

    2021 Calendars ar NOW AVAILABLE!!

    Ok folks!  I just finished up the 2021 7173 Members' Rides Calendar and I think they are going to be awesome!  It is a new format with more features...I was even able to include member's usernames in the captions!  2 sizes are available...
  16. RocketFoot

    Digital Gauges

    I don't think I ever posted this video of my digital gauges in action...
  17. RocketFoot

    WE HAVE A WINNER!! 2020 Winter Raffle!!

    OK Guys!  It's Nov 7th and I just drew the lucky winner of the 2020 Winter Raffle!  The winner will receive a beautiful 12" Tribar Logo Trophy!  The trophy was donated back to the forum by a super generous donator, so first and foremost, how about a big THANK YOU to that donator!  Donations like...
  18. RocketFoot

    How to find new content and search like a PRO!

    This forum has several ways to find content...the best method for everyday use is the UNREAD CONTENT links!  You can find them around the forum with the most obvious one at the right side of the bread crumb bar.  They are also in the forums footer and in he nav bar under the Content Tab. ...
  19. RocketFoot

    Forum Theme Settings

    The default forum theme comes with some pretty user adjustable settings such as the banner background picker!  To access the background picker settings, just click the setting slider icon in the user nav bar at the top right of every page... You will then see the Background Picker popup where...
  20. RocketFoot

    How to change content view behavior

    You may not have know this, but in this forum, you are able to change what post you go to when you click on a thread title!  You can choose from three options: Take me to comments I haven't read (New comments that were posted since your last visit) Take me to the beginning (You will always...