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    How to store a car properly over the winter!

    A few of you might know that I recently purchased a vintage Fiat 500 and as I have more cars than room in the garage the question arose on how to store them over the winter.  Well, turn out that having a tiny little car like a Fiat 500 has a plus side.  The Cinquecento is the winner here...
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    50th anniversary

    So today is December 7th 2021 and this is the day when my vert is 50 years old.  It left the Dearborn plant on December 7th, 1971, the same year I was born.  Unfortunately these two old geezers couldn’t celebrate together as one of us is hibernating on the lift in my garage (no, it’s not me...
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    Was there ever a Blue vinyl top available on Sprint Coupes?

    The title says it all. Coupes (and maybe Sportsroofs), not convertibles!  The question came up in a Facebook group and I thought if anybody knows the answer then it's gonna be one of you guys. :)
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    Steering rack limiter?

    Does anybody know if there is a steering rack limiter available for our cars? Or if there is another remedy? I need to prevent the front left tire from rubbing on the frame rail when turning it all the way to the left. They complained about it during inspection and it won't pass next time if...
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    Our 20th anniversary!

    So today I've had my 72 for 20 years exactly. A lot has happened during those 20 years.  she's seen 5 different sets of rims, has been restored, got a new crate engine, an AOD transmission, a new 3.8 rear end, served as my wedding vehicle, has been to Italy twice, Austria, Hamburg, the Dutch...
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    FMX to AOD Swap

    So, finally the Mustang is back on the road. Maybe some of you noticed the update on my "idle pressure to high" thread. It turned out it was a stuck valve in the valve body. Once that was taken care of everything went smooth. I'm gonna post both the effect of the swap and the parts we needed...
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    New Toy!!! :D

    Ok, I got a fun story for you.  some of you may remember my post in late spring of 2018 that I had bought a Fiat 124 Spider.  Welp, last year I got divorced and my wife didn't really care which car she got, so I gave her the 124 and I kept the VW GTI because I also kept the house and, well...
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    Our new single!! (Music content)

    As some of you may remember I am an practicing musician (guitarist).  Our band Elysian Gates Recently released our newest single.  it's available on all the usual platforms for streaming or download.  it's also on Apple Music but I can't seem to post a link that is not limited to my country's...
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    AOD noise

    Ok, those who know me know that I reaaaally hate my AOD!  now there's a new issue (well not that new but getting worse)  When in overdrive going at low rpm or shifting into overdrive under acceleration at low rpm (Yeah, it immediately goes into overdrive and doesn't realize I'm accelerating...
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    How to get to the last post of a thread?

    The title may not be able to convey what I mean.... 😞  here's the thing: when I click on a thread with. Many replies of which I've read 98%... is there a way to get to the first unread post instead of browsing through all the replies? Or maybe even simply get to the last reply?  i think I...
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    Popping in to say Hello

    Hi guys.  So far the year 2020 has sucked big time but it gets worse: luxstang is back in town!!  (Just when you thought it couldn't get worse!)  I know you've been enjoying the silence but all things come to an end eventually. 😉 I've been absent for more than a year due to personal stuff...
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    Can't post text on Apple mobile devices

    I can't post text on either my iPhone or my iPad.  I type it and when I tap "Post Thread" my text disappears and I get an error message that my text is missing. I don't use Tapatalk (hate it!) but I just use the site "as is".  Everything else seems to work fine, I can read posts and treads...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Spread some love, appreciate what you got. ;)
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    Luxstang goes symphonic metal.

    Well, I joined a new band a few weeks ago and someone made a pretty good video of a song from my first gig with them in Best, NL, near Eindhoven.
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    My new toy! :)

    Well, at the age of 47.... midlife crisis seems to have hit. So I went and got me a new toy.  Today I picked up my new Fiat 124spider. Although it's by far not a race car it really bites and has quite a nasty temper when you challenge it.  Basically a typical small Italian sports car. :)
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    Aaaarrrgghh! UPDATED

    As much as I love my convex passenger side mirror it is really hard to tell angles and distance when backing up, especially as I back up by looking in the mirrors only.  Add paying attention to the car that's parked in front while I'm trying to parallel park behind it and this happens.  The...
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    Nice car at our local Ford dealer

    Took these pics this morning on my way to work.  Not bad though I still like the earlier GT (40) much better.
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    Luxstang's band album link

    Ok i thought I'd shamelessly promote our album on here. Maybe it helps to sell one or two copies and helps pay the bills of my two band mates who are pro musicians. :) The band is "Angel's Whisper", the album is "Strange Days".  Here's the link to download our album on amazon. ...
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    Wolverine and luxstang are writing history.

    Some of the new members won't know what I'm talking about but the older ones may remember the times when the shenanigans going on between Wolverine and yours truly were quite famous on here.  Well I just went to Paris to pick him and his lovely wife up. They're going to spend four days here in...
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    Pics used for the magazine feature

    As it's been a while since I last spammed this forum with pictures, I think it's time to do it again. :) These are some of the pictures used in the magazine feature in the June 2017 edition of Chrom & FLammen. Of course I was proud to have it featured in a major publication but the fact...