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    Findings in my Oil-Pan

    That is correct, no need to use the high volume pump. Other than all out racing there is no need for it in the Cleveland and it is hard n the pump drive shaft. Good luck!!
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    turn signal change

    I just used some Di-electric grease sparingly on the plate/contact side. Been working great.
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    Spark gap with Pertronix ll

    I tried an .040 gap after P2 install and my car actually ran worse. Been at .035 ever since. Good luck!!
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Finally got my 73 spreadbore finished, even had it machined for direct mount for a Holley 750, needed clearance for linkage. I think it will work great!! I'll keep you posted!!
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    351C Distributor question

    Either older duraspark unit with small cap, or original dizzy with Pertronix 2 unit is working for me. No issues in over 5 years.
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    Rear windshield question

    I ran into this as well, the cheap ones from most big box Mustang catalogs are cheap knock offs that are way too stiff. I think I found some good ones at a local Auto Parts store. Or, I might have just ordered different ones from a different supplier. I can't remember. Just order from a couple...
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Looks like I may have to modify a spreadbore intake like the Boss one that you did. I have a spreadbore intake, I tried to buy an "L" intake off Ebay, but it was cracked when I got it and I had to ship it back. Not sure if I want to keep cycling through them until I get a good one. Everybody...
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Thank you for the very precise info. I will just stick with the 4 holes then. Thank You!!
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    I have run the Edelbrock performer on a few different engines and while it's bottom end is good, it dies at just over 5000 in my experience. Now mind you, the cams I ran may have impacted that as well. My other issue with the Eddie intake is that it has always bothered me that there is such a...
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Thank You for your interest boilermaster. My plans have changed a bit since first starting this thread, and I guess that looks confusing. I have decided to do a more (stock) geared build as I don't really want to change any transmissions and I would like to keep a fairly strong vacuum signal. So...
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    subframe connectors and speed humps

    I have Global West SF connectors and have had no issues.
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    I do have a machinist friend, I will show him this post and see if he can help with it. I will keep you posted. Thank You!
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    Oddball connecting rod

    Thats a good idea Don, I will do that! Thanks!!
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    Painting new fuel tank?

    I once stopped a pair of women from jacking their car up on an incline without stands, with a cheap Walmart hydraulic jack, and they were going to jack the car up by the bottom of the fender. I feel like I saved a life that day!!
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    Oddball connecting rod

    I have inherited a set of 8 pistons and connecting rods for a 351C. I was looking through them yesterday and found that I have 2 number 8 connecting rods. Not sure how this happened, but here is my question. If I am having them all reconditioned can I run one of them in the missing number 7...
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Would you be willing to make one of these intakes for me? I'm not sure if I have the skills to pull all of this off.
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    So Q1, did you fill the heat channel with some kind of epoxy or something? It looks like you would have very little sealing surface without doing so if you open the primaries up at all.
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    To EFI or Not EFI, that, and which one, is the question.

    Sounds like most people are open to the EFI. I don't hate the idea, but I feel it takes the retro spirit out of the car. I hated carbs until I bought a custom built unit from Pro Systems. I filled out a whole spec sheet on my engine build and they shipped me a custom DP Holley. In 5 years it has...
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Can you tell me what size reamer you used for the front holes on intake?
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    Why would you use the 73 2.04 heads over the 71 2.19 OC heads? I have both, I just figured the bigger valves would be desirable.