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  1. mudbilly

    Part Info Needed

    I found these while sorting through some boxes, while looking for something else, and would like to know if anyone knows what they are and where they go ? I went thru the effort to put the left and right hand version into separate baggies and label each bag, so i guess i did plan on putting...
  2. mudbilly

    Tilt Wheel Lever cover

    Can someone post a picture of what it looks like around the area where the Turn Signal / Tilt lever comes out of the steering column. I am trying to figure out how best to cover this, unless the cover is available somewhere ?  Here is my first prototype :)
  3. mudbilly

    Nice C4 Transmission Read

    Stumbled into this and thought it was worth sharing (unless it has already been shared before).
  4. mudbilly

    1973 in Salvage Yard

    I have a alert set up at the local Salvage yard for 64-73 Mustangs. And this just came in. This is the first  classic stang that I have seen there in the 10 years that I have been watching. I don't know how long it will be there before someone else grabs whatever they want. I don't really need...
  5. mudbilly

    351w vs 351c

    I'm not commenting on the validity of anything in this discussion. But, I thought it was worth reading.
  6. mudbilly

    73 Emergency Flasher Location ?

    Hi all, I know this has to have been discussed before, and did a quick search, but couldn't find the info on the exact location for the emergency flasher. I know the regular turn signal flasher is behind/above the glove box cardboard liner, but where is the emergency flasher located ? thanks
  7. mudbilly

    Dual Mass Flywheel

    Does anyone have any experience with Dual Mass Flywheels in Diesel Fords ?  I've got a 1997, non super duty, F350 7.3 Powerstroke in need of a new clutch. I bought it used, so don't know what is in there currently and it has over 300,000 miles on her, so the clutch / flywheel may have been...
  8. mudbilly

    CrankShaft Pulley Removal

    What is involved in pulling the CrankShaft Pulley ?  Also, is the AC pulley a separate one added for the AC or integrated with the other.
  9. mudbilly

    Neutral Safety Switch

    I needed a new Neutral safety switch and not learning from a million previous mistakes, didn't bother to see what the plug(s) looked like on the end before buying a new one. :@ I get it yesterday and went to install it today. Easy to remove the old switch, but it has 2 plugs on it and the new...
  10. mudbilly

    Couple questions

    I don't think these are big enough to have in separate threads, but could use some help and advice. #1. I obviously took the time to label these BUT I did not put enough effort into the label, I now know which side of the car they are for, but have no idea as to what they are or where they go...
  11. mudbilly

    Wiper Switch Removal

    I searched the best i could but couldn't find the definitive  answer. I've gotten the knob off and unscrewed the retainer ' removed the bezel, BUT when I push the switch into the dash to remove it, it hits the fuse box.  How does the wiring harness attach ? Does it simply slide on and off, or...
  12. mudbilly

    Radiator Options

    I'm going to be installing electric radiator cooling fans soon and was wondering if it made any sense to go to a new radiator. If I did, I would not go stock but probably get a nice aluminum modern looking version. I'd be interested in chatting here with anyone that has done this, or the...
  13. mudbilly

    Pictures in threads

    I have always been uploading pictures to photobucket and then linking them into my posts. I have just recently noticed that if you click on the "add a picture" button that there is an option to link from your computer. But, is this actually a link or does it copy the image to the site. I guess...
  14. mudbilly

    A-Pillar Tweeter Pods 2

    A while back I posted a thread on making Tweeter Pods. That turned into using my F350 as a test bed & practice run. (I just noticed that the links to the pics in the above thread were broken. I think that I fixed them now.) These...
  15. mudbilly

    Forum Search

    I know it's early an I must be blind, but I can't locate the forum search clicker since the last site upgrade........... :huh:
  16. mudbilly

    Top 5 Cars @ SEMA 2017

    Of Course it's not a wide body...... :rolleyes:
  17. mudbilly

    New After Market AC Unit

    I finally have functioning AC, just in time for winter. :P
  18. mudbilly

    Air Conditioner Compressor & Hoses

    I have never tried to use this unit because it definitely needed charging when I bought the car 18 years ago. I'm willing to let go of the hoses and/or radiator separately. Local would be great to avoid shipping costs, especially on the compressor. Make an offer.
  19. mudbilly

    Need Help identifying parts

    I'm usually pretty good about taking pictures of things and where they go BEFORE I take them apart, but I must have figured that these would be easy to relocate when I was putting things back together. Well, I'm stuck. :huh: I had them stored in a bin with my seat belts, but I that doesn't seem...
  20. mudbilly

    Convertible Top Hydraulic lines

    Hi All, I am in the process of replacing my convertible pump and can't remember which side of the pump raises the top and which side lowers it. 50/50 odds, and I know I will put it together backwards and have to switch couplings after I have everything charged with fluid. :@ Does the hose...