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    Oddball connecting rod

    I have inherited a set of 8 pistons and connecting rods for a 351C. I was looking through them yesterday and found that I have 2 number 8 connecting rods. Not sure how this happened, but here is my question. If I am having them all reconditioned can I run one of them in the missing number 7...
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    Ram air vacuum actuator rebuild

    I know I saw on the forum once how to rebuild the ram air vacuum actuators, Can anybody help me find this info? Thanks!!
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    Refreshing a 351 Cleveland?

    So I got a 4 bolt, 4bbl Cleveland from my father that was a running engine when he took it out of the car. It should be a 73 engine because that is what his car is and it had 73 motor mounts on it so I'm guessing it's the small valve OC heads. He said it ran strong and didn't smoke when he took...
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    Steel 351 "powered by ford" valve covers

    Looking for a pair of the Steel 351C "powered by ford" valve covers for a H.O. rebuild. Shipping to MN. Please let me know. Thanks!
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    Repairing cracks in Console

    Does anybody have a good method for repairing cracks in the full consoles? I also have to build up one of the mounting screw holes. Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Sealing panels for long term storage

    Time is my worst enemy, never enough of it. That being said, I would like to start stripping body panels for repaint, BUT, I can not do everything in a weekend or steadily at all. If I strip my panels to bare metal what can I spray on them that will seal them for long term storage. I would also...
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    Painting new steering wheel pad?

    I have a 3 spoke ginger steering wheel. The center pad is lackluster and I want to replace it. The re-pops only come in black. Should I dye or paint the re-pop? Which color? They have a medium and dark ginger soft plastics paint at NPD. Which color is the right one for a ginger interior? Any...
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    Door handle rubber insulator

    Does anybody know where I can get a replacement piece for this part? See pic. Rubber insulator for interior door handle actuator. Thanks!!
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    1973 Mach 1 grille

    I have been looking at different grilles, some claim to be NOS, others are Goodmark, (lots of $$$) and average catalog ones, but I have heard some horror stories about the cheap catalog ones. Anybody want to share their experiences with a new 73 grille? Thanks!!
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    Correct Master Cylinder?

    Good Morning Gents and Ladies. I have yet another question. As I am sure you can tell I am gathering parts for another repair/resto. Last night I had my wife order a master cylinder and she says there are 2 available. One has a 1" piston bore and both brake line holes are 3/16" I believe. The...
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    Idler arm rebuild

    Does anybody know which bushings I need to buy for rebuilding our idler arms? Any tips on doing so? I do own a hydraulic press. Thanks!!
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    1973 Grille chrome question

    I might be buying my fathers 1973 Mach 1 q code, and one of the first things that jump out at me is the grille. It looks terrible and has several cracks. I am looking into replacing it but have seen some reviews that the chrome doesn't line up well and the little plastic clips don't hold the...
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    Rebuilt proportioning valves on Ebay

    Anybody ever buy a rebuilt proportioning valve on Ebay? Says "KH rebuilt" like I am supposed to know what that means. Anybody have any experience with these? There are many replacements out there but some are distribution blocks and others claim to be proportioning valves. I bought one a couple...
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    All components painted with Slop Grey

    Can anybody tell me what all parts get painted slop grey under the hood? Or anywhere else. Thanks!
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    Power steering Steel line

    Does anybody have the little 6" or so steel line that comes out of the pressure side of the PS pump? I had one that I took in to get plated and they lost it!! So now I am in need of one. If you have one you can offer please PM me. Thanks!!
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    Primary holes drilled

    My father and I both have 71-73 Mustangs with 351 C's. When I rebuilt my engine I had Pro Systems build my carb for me and it works GREAT!! I tried to get him to do the same when he built his engine but he refused to go that route. Instead he bought a Quick Fuel 750 DP. We got it running ok, but...
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    Throttle cable

    Is the throttle cable on our cars adjustable? I just noticed that my cable does not fully open my carburetor! Thanks!!
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    Speedmaster 4V Iron heads

    Has anybody used these heads? I was poking around on Ebay and found these Iron 4V heads, part# PCE281.2103 by Speedmaster, claims they are 64cc comb. chamber, and 254cc Intake throat and they are already machined for screw in studs. At $1300 with valves and guides looks like it may be a good...
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    9 inch differential near Minnesota

    My father and I are looking for a spare 9 inch diff. for our cars. I live in Minnesota and don't want to drive too far to pick one up. I will Drive a few hundred miles for pick-up. Gear ratio does not matter, neither does spline count. As long as it's a 9" out of a 71-3 Mustang. Thanks!!
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    Flexplate headaches

    I have purchased 2 different flex plates through Summit for my 351C, and neither of them have fit the bolt pattern correctly!! I bought a B&M SFI approved back in 2016 and had to "Modify" it to fit, but now I have a small vibration that comes and goes with engine RPM, so I decided to swap...