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    New Member Here

    Good to see another bumble bee color combo. Great to have you abord. What are your thoughts on the aftermarket sunroof? Let me know if you need parts. I've got a bunch from my makeover and am willing to part with the low dollar ones for nothing for a member of this site..... Remember...
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    FREE 83 Owner Guide

    Hi y'all. While waiting for the snow to melt, for some reason up here it has to turn to ice first, I spent some time going through some old stuff and came up with this from the days of my '83. It's all I have left of the ol' girl 'cept some pictures and great memories. She had some great days...
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    These don't seem to be the ones for '73. I seem to recall a black stripe just below the rim. Great rims though.
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    Drivers side floor pan work

    They've arrived. Finally, after ordering them in December the pans made it to the front door. I like the idea of going to get a pro for the big weld. We have one in our town that everyone goes to. You know the type. He never has to advertise, 'cause it's all word of mouth and that keeps him...
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    Motorcity Mustangs

    You speaketh the truth my friend. I ran into him the other day and he was more than helpful. Toured his museum and looked at parts. Picked up an upper door hinge the other day and wow, it was perfect...
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    $5 p/gal Gas by Memorial Day!

    I agree that most of the fuel price in Europe in tax that's why their roads are so good and so is their mass transit. Our politicians are too scared to raise taxes on fuel even if it means more jobs and better roads.
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    $5 p/gal Gas by Memorial Day!

    Okay, let's confuse the issue with fact here. In 1973 the price of gas around here was 38 cents/gal. After the "embargo" it jumped to 55 cents.. If you use the consumer price index the price of gas today should be about $2.78/gal. Which is were it was about two months ago. What we should...
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    newb to site

    Welcome aboard. You'll love this place. These guys know everything...really. Do forget to show us more pics...
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    Drivers side floor pan work

    Here's a quick update on the floorpans. I ordered them back in December and the "mustang supplier" said they are on back order. Once they arrive, I'll write a review of the parts. In the mean time, I finished with the rear seat area. The next area is the front part of the floor pan. While...
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    Rocker Panel Repair

    Okay great. Car is still up on blocks and I can't get it turned around for at least another floorpan, exhaust system, brake line.... I'm mean it might be a while...
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    A Little Engineer Humor

    Okay, so I took every math class I could in high school, then four years of college, full of math, physics, statistics, dynamics, yada yada yada. Then you take an 8 hour exam that tests your skills at remembering what you learned in your first two years at college. That is if you didn't drop...
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    is this a good deal

    This one looks like they slapped a new carpet and reskinned the seats. I'd move on. Here's a link for a 73 Mach that sold at B-J for a little under $7700. From what I've seen lately, a good...
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    Best car for my teenage son? Advice needed.

    I would first have your son put his left foot, foot only, on that bathroom scale. Then put his right foot. Record the weights. If the two weigh the same, then I'd buy a v-8 mustang. Any year will do. If the right one weighs more than the left one, I'd go with a four cyclinder. Either way...
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    Rocker Panel Repair

    Thanks guys. Both of those links didn't pan out though. So a quick search turned up with this part for a little over $140. I'm still on the drivers side and will have to wait a few days/weeks/months whatever before I get over there. Thanks again...
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    1971 Urethane Front Bumper

    The collision guide that I posted elsewhere seems to show it as "chrome D1ZZ 17757A with a rubber insert as D2ZZ 17757F". But I'm not a 71-72 xpert. I'm barely knowledgable (compared to the rest of the guys on this site) on 73s.
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    I must be sick.. I uttered the word SELL!

    I once took a model out for lunch back in my younger days. While we were walking through the restaurant, I noticed every eye was turned on her. From guys to gals. After we sat down, I asked her if she noticed it. She said, yea, it's kindof nice but you get used to it after a while. What...
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    Rocker Panel Repair

    Okay, I'm back. Had to take a technology break there for a while, shovel some snow, get some more heat for the garage... Update. The part arrived and wow, the little mustang ponys must have been on my side. Although I have been working on the drivers side rocker panel, the suprize custom...
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    Rocker Panel Repair

    D'oh.... that's my best Homer.
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    Nice metal forming. Great job.