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    Free Free Interior Items

    I have trouble getting rid of things but it’s time. A few free items if anyone cares to have them, maybe just cover shipping. 1. Horn pad - Medium blue interior, pretty decent shape!! 2. Shifter bezel, lost the lettering somewhere along the line, good shape just dirty. 3. Console lid...

    Trim Rings

    Been long thinking of taking the old girl back to the factory look with some hubcaps and trim rings and came across some better than average hubcaps at a tire place. They need a little love but altogether decent….but…. No trim rings. Is there a decent aftermarket trim ring? If not, any...

    Austin Craigslist Car

    It’s a little dated, but a 1972 Convertible with 11k original miles on it.  Not a ton of info, curious if it’s a Q Code.

    Deluxe Interior Door Panels & Interior Quarter Question

    Hey Y’all, Is there any way to repair the vinyl on the door panels?  It’s cracked and as we know, tough to find anything original.  One is pretty badly damaged while the other isn’t too bad. Secondly, as you can see I have a black interior quarter panel while the car is actually a medium blue...

    Rear Seat Belt Assist

    Hoping the experts here can help me with a rear seat belt question. There are no rear seat belts presently and I have 3 women who want to ride at the same time! Anyways, I have a 72 Convertible and the deluxe interior and I swear I saw somewhere that matters. It looks to me like these would...

    '72 Vert Q-Code

    New Member/New Owner..... Work finally slowed so I can finally post the Marti.  Will post the sales invoice as a reply also. Sean

    Greetings from Virginia, USA

    Hey guys, I've owned this beauty for about a month now.  '72 Convertible with the 351-4V Cobra Jet.  Sounds cliche, but this car was housed inside for 18 years and brought out to be restored where the owner promptly passed away just after he began the process.  Still has a 1996 registration...