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    Mysteries of the A/C Heater box revealed

    This started as a thread under maintenance I decided to copy it here so more people could look it over, I hope this helps everyone when they need to rebuild or service this box behind the dashboard on 71-73 cars equiped with air conditioning. Link to my photos of rebuilding a heater A/C box you...
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    How to Rebuild a Ford 9 inch. Part 2

    As with any thread that is Thrown Together some information is left out or forgotten. This post will add more information to the tools needed to service any 3rd member. Basic tools: 1) First off your going to need a selection of Brass Tools. Brass hammer...
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    How to Rebuild a Ford 9 inch.

    How to Rebuild a Ford 9 inch. This is the Second iteration of my blog entries on Rebuilding my Ford 9". Originally this was a rambling collection of thoughts and multiple posts. I've tried to cobble everything back together since the original entries were lost. The Goal is to walk you through...
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    first nice day, disaster.

    well its been about a year since i last drove my car. so first nice day out i figure i'd take a spin. first thing i did was inspect the car looking for obvious issues. i looked under and over the chassis and engine bay, checked for brake leaks. the usual converter leak was there still...
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    photobucket "game over" broken links

    i figured i would post this here since it will effect anything and everything that is using photobucket. Photobucket changed there TOS silently a few days ago they went from a free hoster to a pay site. they are basically holding your photos for 400$ as that is the cost it takes to re-enable...
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    made me laugh

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    The joys of ethanol gas.

    I hate Ethanol. I know many people think that Ethanol is nothing and just a fact of life now but i have seen Ethanol cause damage to my own cars first hand. I've had to replace fuel pumps and hose and injectors on modern cars when my state first switched over to 10% some years ago. I saw it...
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    the future of rust removal

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    Driveshaft help

    I'm getting a vibration with my car over 65mph. first thing i did was rotate the shaft 180 on the rear yoke to the 3rd member and put it back and that improved things. however the vibration is still present, Question: 1) would rotating the transmission yoke 180 have a similar effect to...
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    There she blows!

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    Concourse Parking Brake review

    A new product for 71-73 mustangs came out the last few months. It is replacement parts for the Parking Brake cable that runs under the car. the kit comes in 3 parts: part 1) A parking brake pedal cable that runs from the parking brake inside the car under the chassis that connects to the...
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    Help me find a torque convertor

    My trans swap project is stalled out due to back ordered parts. another item holding me up is a replacement torque convertor. I Pmed 'Precision transmissions' and the suggestion was going to a CJ torque convertor and installing a CJ flywheel with the 8 nut 9" bolt pattern. a few issues for me...
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    C-6 Transmission master kits to stay away from

    With my recent transmission problems i decided the best course of action was to find a C-6 Master rebuild kit. in researching c-6 Master Kits Scott drake C8ZZ-7005-MK and 7ZZ-7005-MK come up. on the surface they seem like good kits. The first place i ordered from stated they had the kit in...
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    the confusing world of transmission Fluid

    In my continuing research of the C6 I came across the debate between Type F versus Dexron III/Mercon, Mercon versus Mercon V. There are some pitfalls in this but no absolute wrong anwsers. the Deal with Type F: Type F was spec'ed for use in 1968-1975 C6 transmissions. in 1976 Ford changed from...
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    Lets talk about C6 Servos and Levers

    Lets talk a little about the confusing world of the C6 transmission and what Servos and Levers mean: I'm a transmission novice But i wanted to understand a little about why people want certain servos and levers inside their transmission. the servo comes on at different pressures they have...
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    What happened to late 72-73 C6 transmission modulator?

    Anybody know what happened to the push in style c6 modulators from late 1972 on? apparently Scott drake and all mustang parts websites no longer list the push in c6 modulator they all have the early 67-early 72 threaded version, but the push-in version is gone scrubbed from existence... I've...
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    the curse of the blown transmissions strikes again

    Well my C6 went down this Saturday. did a hard acceleration and the kick down stopped working. 1st gear went out and trans will not go into 3rd. the trans locked into 2nd gear and began slipping. if i put the trans in 1st manually the entire drive line locks up, throw it in second and...
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    advancements in LED lighting 2014

    we all have problems with DIM dash lights and seek out solutions. People have been converting to LED for sometime but even LEDS have evolved over time. I first converted to LED about 10 years ago. At that time bulbs like: and were the norm. They used a single Diode and a molded clear...
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    Looking for a vaccum advance plug

    Anybody have a busted vacuum advance that has that little orange vacuum plug inserted in it? I need the little orange plug off one. Thanks
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    Need second opinion vacuum advance issue.

    Been driving my car quite a bit this year and I've been making more rolling tweaks and changes as I have almost daily drove it. 2 times in the past I've noted my vacuum advance hose has been disconnected after a long drive, I chalked it up to mechanic error in forgetting to reattach it during...