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    Hello from the new guy

    G'day and welcome from down under..
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    Sound off if you're from/in Australia

    G'day from the West.. up the top of the state in the Pilbara....
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    New to forum, first time mustang owner

    G'Day and ::welcome:: from the land down under...
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    last year for clevelands

    I think from memory we keep knocking them out till about 1982. here in Oz..
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    Hi From Melbourne Australia

    G'day and welcome aboard from west oz...
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    Fuel Sender

    I'm up in the Pilbara Mate based in Tom Price.... let me know if your ever passing through...
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    Fuel Sender

    Another vote for Mr Don, I'm in outback Western Australia. and have found him to be excellent to deal with. for odd, small and everything in between, if the E-mail starts to get a little hectic back and forth wise just call him up. Great Bloke to deal with and the personal service you get from...
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    429 burn out

    Not a bad effort..... But Hows this for giving it a red hot go, Aussie XA coupe,
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    9in Centre section

    How about this, it came up for sale on an Aussie Mustang forum, the other day, He's asking $1500.oo,24234.0/topicseen.html "For sale, Sept 1968 dated nodular housing - C4AW-B with matching 'N' caps. Has fully rebuilt Detroit Locker, new bearings...
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    marti reports

    My yella 71 mach has ram air listed on the Marti report,
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    rear fold down seat

    Have a look here for what's involved in a fold down conversion....
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    It's the 4th Anniversary of

    Wow four years already.... Well done to all involved.. ::congrats::
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    Spokes or slots

    Both look good But I think the slots by a hair..
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    Wax and the Matte Black Hood

    When my Yella 71 mach was painted, they painted the whole top side of the bonnet black then layed the stencile on and then sprayed the yellow, then took the stencile off and clear coated the whole lot.. I agreed with them that was the best way to go for an easy to look after finish....
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    Suddenly We Own a 73 Mustang Convertible

    Dam that was good buying, Welcome aboard, from another Aussie..
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    780 holley replacement

    Summit Racing have what your looking for, But they are a little on the pricey side at $895.00....
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    wheel ?

    ^^^ might as well, your the reason I went with 18 on my Mach 1, And sure there are others.... It was a really good post and write up you did way back when about using 18' rims...
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    Urethane Bumper ends help

    Have a read of this,
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    wheel ?

    Why Thankyou, that rag top of yours looks sweet, a nice combination. The dark paint. and all the shinny bits, looks awesome, well done...
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    wheel ?

    Another vote for 18's here, I have 245x40x18 Nitto tyres on the front and 275x40x18 on the back with 18x8 up front and 18x9.5s on the rear.. no rubbing or scraping issues.