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    Fire Damage - Need Great North Texas Paint and Body Shop?

    It took three fire extinguishers one was from inside the car. It looks like a gas Leak from the back bowl on the holly carb. The hood was shut and I heard the backfire then smoke. The scariest part was it was in the garage. The insurance is with haggerty and we are working to see how close to...
  2. J

    Fire Damage - Need Great North Texas Paint and Body Shop?

    Sunday I had and engine fire that took out the passenger side fender, door and hood. This was due to a backfire and fuel leak. I will be looking for a Great Paint shop in the next two to three months. Any help with recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and be safe!
  3. J

    71-73 Monte Carlo Bar Installed

    It looks Great! What would your guy charge to make one just like yours? I have the same engine/AC set up you do. Thanks for the Pics!
  4. J

    Housing - Instrument Cluster Restore

    I used the Dupli Color Perfect Match Spray Paint Duplicates Original FORD Colors #BFM0383 Silver Met Replaces T229 Form O'Riellys Auto Parts (any Auto Parts Store). This was on the advice of this web site It came...
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    Welcome and beautiful car!
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    Just installed the Polk Audio speakers into the MP Products Kick Panels with pods

    Update on the parking brake? What hand brake did you use? I was looking to do the speaker install on my coupe and was trying to decide between a dash or floor hand brake. Then if a floor hand brake where to put it? Wow this gets gets out of control fast! :s
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    Obsidian71 2013 TAIL LIGHT INSTALL

    The J I'm sure you have looked at the 2013 tail lights but maybe someone has smacked one up by now and you can get a board from a junkyard. I was just thinking for research on the white/red LEDs and the halos. it looks like the halos are the parking/running lights and the center three are the...
  8. J

    Custom Tail Lights

    The lenses look GREAT and they look AWESOME on Q's car! I think they'll sell like hotcakes and you'll need to get a manufacturer once you get the final design. Maybe even look into getting them carried by mustang parts shops. Keep up the great work!
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    Fan Switch and Switch Plug

    Follow up Midlife sent me a plug for the fan switch with pigtails and I also ordered a new fan switch from Mustangs Unlimited. The bad fan switch was shorting and melted the plug. A new switch and plug in place and it works like a charm. Midlife is AWESOME and any wiring for our cars that...
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    You're not listening

    Too Funny!
  11. J

    Fan Switch and Switch Plug

    Thanks! It's a 72 with factory AC. I'll PM you with my info.
  12. J

    Fan Switch and Switch Plug

    I know I have a bad fan switch (over heated contacts) I also have a damaged switch plug. This is the plug that plugs directly into the fan switch. I have located a new replacement switch but have been unable to locate the plug. Anybody else have this issue? My only other idea is to build...
  13. J

    New suspension mods available- Maier Racing

    +1 I am also looking to do sub frame work and wanted to the same thing. On the other hand I really like what Obsidian71 did on his car but I don't think I have the skill he does with a welder. Just found this on Dallas Mustangs site "Subframe...
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    WOW! I think you need a camera crew and you could have a great Overhaulin episode! I also believe Chip Foose would be impressed. I have seen this type of a job done on a 72 Camaro with 98 interior and drive train but a 71-73 Stang is WAY COOLER! :udaman:
  15. J

    New from Colorado!!

    Nice looking car and Welcome!
  16. J

    Hi from Dallas TX

    Thanks still a work in progress but aren't they all! :D
  17. J

    Car running not so good.

    I had the same issue with my car and this sounds so dumb. I went through firing order, gaskets, timing etc.. It was the PVC line got plugged into the power brake booster port on the carb base. On Hollys they look the same. You can try to swap them or just plug both and drive the car. If it fixes...
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    New Guy from La Mesa CA

    Very nice car!