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    Ram Air Plenum and /or Ducts for 71 -73

    I'm looking for the under hood plenum that channels the ram air from the hood ducts to the breather system.  Need the ducts as well, but the plenum is the main thing.  The plenum and ducts are all the same for 71, 72, and 73.  They're not engine or model specific, so any plenum from any 71-73...
  2. J

    Big Block Drive Shaft

    Can anyone tell me where to get a used OEM, or new aftermarket drive shaft for a 71 convertible 429SCJ C6 automatic.  I think it would be the same one in the 429 Mach 1 with automatic tranny.  Stock  would probably work, but the engine is pepped up a bit (572 HP, 617 Ft-lbs on dyno).  Thanks for...
  3. J

    Automatic Overdrive Transmission for Big Block

    Hi Everyone! -   The quick question:  What type of automatic overdrive transmission can I install in a 71 mustang with a 429 engine? ::thumb::  The details:  It's a 71 convertible.  I'm replacing the original 6 cylinder / C4 tranny / 8" 28 spline rear with ------> 429 SCJ (dyno shows 572 HP...