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  1. B1John

    Nice Sprint for sale for big $

    This is a really nice looking car but seems expensive...
  2. B1John

    Gluing peeling decals

    A few of the points of the decals around the front wheel well have started to peel back, has anyone had any luck gluing small parts of the decal back to paint. If so what type of glue do you recommend?
  3. B1John

    Painting spoiler and back panel

    I want to refinish by rear spoiler and back panel by fuel filler. The spoiler should be matte black right? What should be used for the black panel, the same matte black?
  4. B1John

    Grabber Lime available for 202 Mustang

    So Grabber Lime is back for the first time since 1971. That will be hard to pass up.
  5. B1John

    Magnum 500 with tires

    I have a set of Magnum 500's that were on my car when I purchased it. The car also came with steel wheels and the sports wheel covers my car was ordered with. I have decided to go with the wheel covers full time and don't expect to use these wheels. The wheels are in good shape, the tires are...
  6. B1John

    Replaced bias ply with radials

    I replaced a set of Wide Oval bias ply tires with these Radial T/As. They are 235/60. Wow,  much more responsive to steering input and handles much better. And they were only around $120 ea, money well spent. I stuck with my Luxury Wheel Covers since it is a different look and that is the way...
  7. B1John

    245/60 on a 7 inch wheel

    I have been reading all of the wheel/tire threads I can as I get ready to replace my tires. Here is my situation. The PO purchased the car with Magnum 500's but when he got the Marti report found that the car had been ordered with Sport Wheel covers. So he procured a set of those, new in the...
  8. B1John

    71 Mach 1 Buyers Guide in Hemmings

    The latest Muscle machine has a Quick Buyers Guide for 71 Mach 1. Buyers guide
  9. B1John

    Boss 351 From Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

    I came across this video from the 2016 Muscle Cars and Corvette Nationals. This was in town and I missed it! Anyhow this guy scored a nice Boss, looks like mine except the wheels. However he doesn't seem to know his car very well. Such as number of Boss 3's made and that is a power steering...
  10. B1John

    Boss 351 Autolite carb w/box $8,500

    Autolite carb I think they are charging $5,000 for the box
  11. B1John

    Oil capacity

    I changed my oil today and when I refilled the oil I checked the dipstick (d1zx-6750-ba) and it read full after 5 quarts. I haven't started it yet but the filter isn't going to hold a quart. I thought this took 6 quarts.
  12. B1John

    Console needs to be replaced

    My full length black console is loose and I finally dug around to figure out why. It seems that most of the screw tabs are busted. I think I may as well replace it. How are the repro consoles, such as ACP, do they match the original well?
  13. B1John

    New member

    Hi. I am a proud owner of a Grabber Lime Boss. This is a Mustang I have wanted all of my life and it feels good to finally have one. The cool thing about this car is the previous owner installed a Gear Vendor overdrive, so with the push of a button it drops revs and makes for a more relaxed drive.