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    I'm looking for this black flex hose for my air cleaner
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    Odd NSS results

    ok, I'm stuck after looking through all of the possible threads I cant find a solution to my problem. I plugged in my NSS today on my 73' MANUAL trans. to get my BU lights going and had no luck with them working, here is the odd part... when the NSS is engaged im getting what I believe is a...
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    rag joint to steering knuckle

    Has anyone changed out the OEM rag joint and replaced it with regular steering knuckle ? I'm looking at doing this but the upper rag seems to be attached to the steering intermediate shaft, How would I remove upper rag so I could install the steering knuckle? and is this a bad idea. thanks...
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    crank pulley

    Looking for a 2 grove crank pulley I'm converting over to p\s so I need the pulley to drive the p\s pump...
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    17 mm DD half rag joint

    Would anyone out there have a 17 mm dd half rag joint, Borgeson makes them but are in the process of moving and no eta on shipping. I'm ready to drop my motor back in soon and would like to get this P/S conversion done ASAP.
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    Rag joint question

    I'm converting over to power steering from manual and would like to know if there is a difference in the lower rag joint between the two gear boxes. I believe that there are two different lower rag joints sizes that go to the gear box shaft, 3/4 36 and 13/16 36 spline. are the manual and power...
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    door jamb wiring boots

    looking for a set of door jamb wiring boots.
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    Penny's 73 Q Code

    This is a grapevine find we heard about during one of our car cruse outings this summer, we found out that this car was for sale and grabbed it up before someone else did. this is what we have done so far, Here is an example of what we are going for in the end,
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    looking for a sport mirror bezel nut for a 73 Mach 1 can't seem to find one for a 73 online.
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    hello from West Virginia

    Thanks for allowing me to join, I have a 73 Mach 1 Q code 4 speed project ahead of me and I'm looking forward to all of you expert mustang enthusiast's help. I also have a 1980 Camaro z28 I completely restored and I am well versed in the Camaro's but my wife's dream car is this 73 Mach 1, so...