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    71 429/ 572 cu in resto mod

    2 years almost done
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    72 Grande

    may sell any interest whats it worth 72 grande 351 2 barrel 2 valve 6 k miles sounds mean good on gas /mild cam headers daily driver aint perfect but reliable get in and go to the beach how much is it worth make offers its real cool have threads on here with more pics under my sons grande
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    71 mach 1 console

    any one need this has cracks if you want it make offer thanks
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    3.0 28 spline posi center chunk

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    Need parts fo71 Mach 1

    wiper arms and blades Dome lamp wiper motor inside door release hardware and rod radiator overflow bottle plastic slides and hardware to bolt steering column to dash Thanks Guys Marc
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    Need Left (Drivers side Quarter panel trim extension for 71 mach 1

    Need drivers side quarter panel extension for 71 Mach1.
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    71 Mach 1

    shes on the lift and looking like a new car,The Bottom is Totally done the suspension is back in all new,Engine bay is ready for the Torque Monster,and Half the body work and primer is finished.
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    Mach 1 Marc update

    Bottom done and undercoated inside done trunk done and finish painted first coat of primer before it goes back on its own wheels hes gonna do the body work on the roof tomorrow and paint the engine bay and the put her on the ground to complete long slow process.
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    Body and paint

    More pics. Metal work is almost done Had to replace front frame from passenger side cowl to driver side in front of shock tower got the part from a & m in california shipped 300 shipped rust free cut out of another car.Those guys are awesome .Should start paint and body next week. Well Here...
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    71 mach 1

    progress on my wifes car
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    3.0 posi 28 spline 3rd member and axles

    sell at best offer 3.0 posi 28 spline pig and axles for 71 mach 1 i will keep housing ,,
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    3.50 posi 31 spline pig and axles for 71 mach 1

    want to buy 3.50 posi 31 spline pig and axles for 71 mach 1
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    Part to install back fold down seats

    Need the piece in this pic that the back seat rests against and screws to
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    71 louver wanted

    want to buy rear window louver for a 71 mach 1 one that allows the trunk to open.. Thanks Marc
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    Help Trunk fold down interior

    Have 71 mach 1 need pics of re installing rear fold down area in trunk where fender tubs meet back seat support and fold down.also where top trunk support brackets weld to. Thank You !!!
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    crites headers

    Anyone used crites headers on a 460 in a 71 mach .they are well priced and if anyone will recommend them i might go with them.. thanks
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    Header Selection

    Anyone have a 460 in a 71 mach 1 ? If so which Headers fit best in engine Bay .. Thanks Marc
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    Nice ,clean not 71 -73 but nice
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    Looking for a good drivers door

    Looking for a good rust free drivers door for a 71 mach 1 .
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    Roll Bar

    Anyone know where to get an already made roll bar for a 71 mach 1 that allows for rear seat passenger . Thanks in advance Marc