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    FREE 83 Owner Guide

    Hi y'all. While waiting for the snow to melt, for some reason up here it has to turn to ice first, I spent some time going through some old stuff and came up with this from the days of my '83. It's all I have left of the ol' girl 'cept some pictures and great memories. She had some great days...
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    Rocker Panel Repair

    While waiting for my new floor pans to arrive, I've been derusting the rest of the car. Made it to the left rear rocker panel and about 3 inches of it disintegrated. The passenger's side is the same. Here's the question. I'm getting to be a pretty good novice in sheet metal bending, but to...
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    Steering Box

    Steering box left over from partially completed restoration. Need room in garage to finish work on car. Tag on box reads SPA-AF. You pay for shipping and it's yours.
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    Power Steering Pump

    Power steering pump. Left over from partially completed restoration. I don't need this in my garage and will ship anywhere. You pay for shipping and it's yours.
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    Repair Fender or Sheetmetal source?

    Here's the question. Should I try to sell this OEM 73 Fender or use it as a sheet metal source for various fixes on the car? I mean the fender is somewhat good. I happened to clip a street sign going backwards at about 50 or so way back in my youth and ended up bumping it out and using bondo...
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    D-numbers - Collision Estimating Guide

    I wasn't sure where to post this information but while going through some old paperwork, I came across these Collision Estimating Guide sheets. They're a great reference tool for finding out the correst D numbers for that part that you are either looking for or selling. I wouldn't use the...
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    Drill out seat belt bolts

    Okay, so I'm grinding away and tried the star wrench for the rear seat belt bolts. Broke both of them and then grinded the tops off. What's the best way to remove the remaining part of the bolt??? I'm thinking of drilling it out after cutting the back side off. Any other ideas?
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    Drivers side floor pan work

    Driver's side floor pan. Okay, so I've extracted some of the cancer but still have a long way to go. Just how hard is the welding thing anyway? I just figured out the cutting part. I went through a bunch of dremel cutting discs, then shifted to the angle grinder metal cut off wheel, until I...
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    Rear Suspension Sway bar diagram needed

    Okay, I'm now to the point where I need to take more pictures before I take stuff apart on the 73 Mach. Lesson learned. I'm putting the rear leafs and the diff back together and I forgot how the rear sway bar plate goes with the shock absorber spring clip plate. Looking at the shop manual fig...
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    Chrome Trans Trim Bezel

    Up for sale is an old 1969-1970 - OEM - Chrome Automatic Transmission Trim Bezel C9ZA-7E034-C [it fits on 71-73s also but not very good under the center counsel.] I had it on my 73 but went with NOS parts to restore so this has to go. It is not, NOT, in perfect condition. The dial selector...
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    Tail lights - blacked out chrome or not

    Okay, here's a new one that I can't seem to figure out. I seem to rembmer in my early days that I scratched off the black covering off of my rear tail lights for some reason or another. Most of the 73 mustangs in totally restored condition have the all chrome ones. Very few that I've seen...
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    Rear Frame bushing - leaf spring

    I'm looking at the rear part of the rear frame rail where the rear part of the leaf spring attaches to the frame. How can I remove this bushing? If I do remove it what exactly is it called? Any ideas would be great. Thank you,
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    Rear Drum - wheel cylinder

    While tearing apart the entire rear end, I noticed that my rear wheel brake cylinders are the same for the left and the right. However, when I go to page 61 of the NPD parts catalog, it shows that there are differnent ones for the left and the right. Does it really matter if I have two lefts...
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    Rear Diff Code Tag

    I'm in the process of de-rusting the undercarrage of my ol' Mach. In the process I decided to take down the rear end. Scraping away the junk and debris, I actually found the original rear differential tag. Does anyone have any idea what the codes mean? Should I take it off and keep it in a...