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    Darwin's Garage! You on here??

    So I was looking on the Morton Building's site because I really need a larger garage and I recently purchased the lot behind me and eventually want to build something.  This is way more than I would do but I came across this garage and I think we can all agree that this guy has GREAT taste!  and...
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    Not a Mustang....but still kinda cool

    I know we're all about the 71-73 Mustangs on here and Mustangs in general but I came across this on Craigslist here locally and thought it was pretty cool.  I'd drive it for know...for fancy date nights.   :D   It's still Ford so I'm sure everyone one here will still appreciate this...
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    Transmission Tunnel

    Just wondering… Are these creases in the interior floor on the transmission tunnel normal?
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    Trunk Floor, Tail Panel, Quarter Panels, Outer wheel wells - Order of importance?

    I'm ready to tackle my trunk floor, tail panel, wheel wells and also the quarters.  My questions are this:  Is there a certain order that I should do this in?  I'm guessing it might be easier to do the trunk floor if I have the quarters and tail panel cut out first?  Or is that wrong and I...
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    Rear Quarter Damage Uncovered

    The rear drivers side quarter was obviously damaged at some point in the past.  Someone did a terrible job "fixing" it and i believe that's what caused much of the rust in the trunk area.  So my question is...what sheet metal do I need to fix this?  Obviously quarter panels which I planned on...
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    How to check if your unibody is straight

    Just wondering if there are measuring points that you can use to check the straightness of the unibody or do you have to take the car to a specialized frame/unibody straightening shop?  I'm just hoping there is a way to check to see if it's off at all before spending money on something I don't...
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    Rookie Mistake w/brand new rotisserie

    So...I could barely go to sleep last night w/out thinking about what I did to the rotisserie I just picked up a couple weeks ago.  I was so excited and after lining it up with my car I started to raise it up into position.  It was more difficult than I thought it would be to raise it but thought...
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    Marti Report - 2011 GT

    Just out of curiosity, I wanted to get a Marti report for my 2011 GT and compare it to the numbers/data from my 72 report.  Seems like I have a pretty low numbers car considering there were about 21,000 GT's made in 2011.  As a comparison there were approx. 27,500 Mach 1's, 2100 with my paint...
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    WTB...Anyone have this piece in good condition?

    I need this part for the RH side, preferably white but I can always dye it I guess.  Mine is so brittle and all cracked up with no chance of saving it.  I guess they do not repro these and they are specific to cars with the fold down seat option. Thanks!
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    Cutting and Sanding Process & Supplies

    I'm new to ANY kind of body work so I'm just looking for some tips and tricks so I don't make too many mistakes and come out with a good end result.  Over the past several months to a year I've slowly been accumulating more tools and supplies that I will need.  This is the first restoration for...
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    Replacement Suspension Components

    So my 72 doesn't have many components that are not rusty as heck...  I'm probably going to have to end up cutting or using heat to get some steering and suspension components off during the tear down process.  So just thinking ahead and looking at suspension replacement parts that I see every...
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    What is this bracket for?

    What is this bracket?  Is there something that's usually attached to this?  It almost looks like a piece broke off at some point.   ammonium alum formula
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    Hood Replacement Options

    My original hood is terrible.  Sounds like there is so much rusted out metal rolling around inside it every time I open/close it and rust falls out of every hole.  LOL   So my question is how can you really be sure a used hood someone is selling is for you?  Surely any 40 something year old...
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    Anyone have a project list for their full restoration?

    Hello All, I'm trying to keep my '72 project moving but I just wanted to see if anyone had made/shared a project list?  There are so many aspects to a restoration so I feel like I need to get everything written out so I can have some order to this huge task I see in front of me. I'm sure there...
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    SelectAire AC System Rebuild - Worth the $? Options?

    Hello All, I have a 72 Mach 1 Q code with the factory installed SelectAire air conditioning system.  As part of the restoration I want to get the air conditioning working again.  I'm not sure what issues it has if any, but it was not being used (belt not installed & wrong regulator on car)...
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    Regulator on my 72 351C Q code w/AC

    So when I purchased this car it did not have the AC belt installed.  Not sure if the AC just stopped working or what but I also realized that it has the wrong regulator.  It should have the one with the yellow lettering correct, especially on a 351C and with AC?   As for the AC, what do you...
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    Jack stand and Handle/Lug Wrench

    What is the original part number on the jack stand and handle/lug wrench found in the 72 Mach 1 with the space saver spare?  Also are the old canisters that are still "full" safe or can they be dangerous at all?
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    Door Jamb Vent Covers

    Anybody ever buy these or have pics of them installed?
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    1971 "Boss 429" on Craigslist in Ocala

    Found this in my local Craigslist listings.  This is up in Ocala.  Apparently it started as a Boss 351 and they turned it into a "Boss 429".
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    Radiator Support Replacement

    If I can purchase an NOS radiator support vs one made by Dynacorn are there any pros and cons to either?  Are there any benefits to going the reproduction route such as design improvements or anything else?