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    kill switch

    Any one running a hidden kill switch or anything as a security measure?   Car is finally getting to the point i can take it out to run errands etc....  I try to always stay within eye shot but that can be annoying or just not possible sometimes.   Im thinking a hidden kill switch would give...
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    Caliper and pad upgrade for 73???

    Had an oh poop moment this morning when a truck in front of me stopped hard to make a left turn.  Brakes worked and then a pop feeling in pedal and no brakes..... i was able step on then ebrake to get stopped and finish my journey home.  Starting looking up parts and master cylinder needs...
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    Door hinge pin replacement.

    Long time no post for me but the 73 Mach1 has found its way back to the top of my project list.  I have cleared all the clutter of the car and have even got her registered and legal.  I have a new set of door panels ready to go on but dont want to install them until i get the hinge pins...
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    Firestone raised white letters 14"

    Lots of searching and i ran across these.  The out the door price should be cheaper since there is no TPMS.
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    New life into old paintjob all 3 of them

    Ill try to keep the back story short. Car was biught by my dad in 1976. I took possesion in 2006. 1973 mach1 original color blue. 1977-78 it was painted yellow. No stripes i guess my dad was going for the gone in 60 seconds look.  1993 his wife "suprised" him with a paint job, midnight blue...
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    Fmx shift shaft seal replacement

    Has anyone pulled this off? Ive been turned away by 2 shops. They dont want tk touch it unless its a full rebuild.
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    Hot start troubleshooting

    Here we go. Another hot start thread lol could use some opinions.  351c 2V no modifications  Car starts immediately when cold and runs great.  Runs good and strong when warm as well.  The problem comes when i shut it off.  If i wait less than say 10 seconds after shut off it will fire...
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    Pertronix work with factory tach?

    Hello everyone  New to to forum and i keep finiding contradicting word on the pertronix system. Im just getting started on a 351c 2v. I would like to upgrade to electronic ignition and keep everything under the same cap. I do have the factory tach and would like to keep that operational.  ...
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    New guy

    Hello everybody I ve had a 73 Mach1 in the family since 76. My dad owned it an drove it as a daily most of its life.  Due to life events i had to take ownership around 2007-ish. At that tine it had been siiting for 5 years.  My dad though it skipped timing and didnt have the time to mess with...