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    Edelbrock 1403 and a stock 302 PCV hose

    I am still waiting on parts for my new carburetor project for my stock 302 - but I can see the PCV is going to be a problem.  The smaller PCV on the Edelbrock 1403 is in the front and uses a 3/8 ID - (I think that's the correct term for the inner dimensions for the hose).  I fuel line fits...
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    Is a Spacer needed between my new Edelbrock 2121 Intake and carb

    I am in the process of changing my intake on my 1971 302.  I have a new 2121 Edelbrock Intake and a new 1403 Carburetor.  Since I am changing from a 2 barrel to a 4 the stock spacer will not work.  The carburetor came with gasket but not a spacer.  Do I need a spacer or will it run without the...
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    Positive and Negative on the printed circuit board

    Does anyone here know the positive and negative lines on the 1971 printed circuit board. I am replacing my stock 194 lights with LED bulbs.