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    Hood Wanted

    G'day, I know this is a loooooong shot But I'll ask anyway, as you never know. I'm in need of a hood for a 1966 falcon future sports coupe, For my project car been built in Florida. If anyone knows some one or of one in the Florida area it would be much appreciated as the one we have is a little...
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    Which upper control arms to buy.

    G'Day all I need to buy a set of upper control arms for my 72 Q code Mach 1, somthing more performance orientated, out of the numerous arms for sale ranging from $50 to $80 is their a clear stand out, brand wise that people could recommend? Not really interested in the tubular style type arms...
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    429CJ for sale

    Not mine, It looks a little ruff in spots but might be a good buy if he came down a little on the price.....!/media/set/?set=a.576516009040957.147899.100000476899783&type=3
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    72 Q Code

    G'day, thought I would put the Marti for my 72 Mach 1 up It's nothing special option wise, but I'm really happy with the car, super clean and rust free, just had to share..
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    72 Heading Down Under

    Just thought I'd post a short video link to the 72 Q Code I brought that is on it's way down under to Australia [sorry, one less for you USA boys, but these cars need loveing where ever it can be found] I brought the car in May but as normal, due to various things/issues it's only leaving...
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    72 Front Spoiler

    G'day all, Just a quick question, the front spoiler on my 72 isn't very straight - see photo. Can anything be done to straighten him out or do I just buy a new one ??
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    My 71 J Code build

    G'Day, I joined the site a while ago, As I was lucky enough to buy a J code 71 Mach 1. For a good price, But it was All original as in 40 year old, in used original condition, And needing a little love and attension = Rebuilding /refreeshing. I'm in Australia, So my humble apologise for...
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    Oil Pan to header clearance

    G'day, All Hoping someone can help me out with the right oil pan to buy, I'm working on putting a 460 into my 72 Mach 1, And have settled on using Hooker super comp headers - 6115's. And was looking to buy this oil pan Kit, With the widened front...
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    Marti report, 71 MAch 1

    I brought this car from the third owner, he had it for 8 years, before him it was originaly purchased by a Airforce pilot, who sold it to another pilot in the mid 80's. It has been repainted once in it's life and every thing is numbers matching and original, has 46 odd thousand miles on the...
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    Eaton leaf springs for a 71 429

    G'day All, I want to lower [by 1'] and stiffen up the rear of my 71 429CJ a little, I was looking at the Grab-A-trak springs - 4.1/2 leaf 175lb/in. BUT the Eaton springs look like a better product, My question is, my research tells me OME spring are rated at around 133-138lb/in [ so looking...
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    Front Springs for 429CJ

    G'Day all I have just brought a 71 Jcode Mach1 and I'm looking to replace /upgrade the suspension amongst other things, I'm going to use Koni shocks, front and rear with Grab a Trak 4 1/2 leaf mid eye leaf springs out back, But I'm not shaw on which springs to use up front, Would like them 1''...