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    just need to vent here a little!! spring is here and have so much to do out side in the yard to make it look nice for the wife..... and have to fix all my other cars and trucks that I do not have any time to work on what is most important...... the VERT!!!!!!!! I just want to drive my...
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    This site

    I have been to other sites, like for my 99 contour sport and my f-350 diesel. They are ok but I was not getting very good feed back from them for questions I had. My Son has a 2007 Chevy colbolt SS and I told him to look for a site for them and they will not give him any good info, it is like...
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    way off

    I know it is not a mustang but what do you think? International 1210 all wheel drive!! 68 or 70 I am not sure, looks for sale but do not know how much yet.
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    since I can not find patches for this I should replace the hole quarters?? I have a spot welder so it should be better.....
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    I know this was talked about a little before but I was just wondering what you all think would look good on my car. Stock my vert is med brown met with med ginger knitted vinyl interior and a white top. I think I want to keep the ginger interior since I have new carpet for it, came with the...
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    Just thought it would be neat to see who your young helpers are and teaching them the love of our classic cars so they never get forgotten and replaced with new ones!! who has the youngest helper????? This is my Grandson Morgan. He is about 9 months old in this pic, he is now 16 months old. He...
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    my shop

    This is a pic of my shop where I have all my fun. My wife call's it my home!!! It is a mess but I sometimes like it that way so my son can not work in here!!!!LOL:D
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    72 Vert frame work

    I started a thread like this before, but I need to start again in this one for verts. So here I go, need to replace my inner rocker supports so I made a jig to hold the car and keep it from moving when I start the work. Scott and others have been a Big help but I did not have the jig made at...
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    No mustang work

    My Son wanted me to weld closed the silencer holes in his supercharger! He still has more sanding/polishing to do to it.
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    rear shocks

    I see a lot of talk about staggered rear shocks. is there a difference?? I do not have them, should I change it?? and I do not have a rear sway bar, should I add that also?? I did change from a stock 351c 2v to a 351c 4V hooped up a little.
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    can you post video's in here or only pics?? just woudering
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    repair the right way

    I am really starting to understand leveling a vert is not fun at all!!! still trying to figure out if the car is twisted or the forward leaf spring bolt points were not put on the right way!!! nothing is working out at all as of yet, but I will not give, not give...
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    I started with a 1972 vert 351 2V FMX tranny, I put the 4V heads on with roller rockers on. I spent $850 to rebuild the FMX tanny but now thinking I should put a 4 speed tranny in it. What do you think, should I put a 4 speed in it??
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    just woundering

    what is the better tranny....C6 or the FMX?? in 72 351C 4V
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    I know I have to replace the left side inner rocker support, most of the bottom of it is rusted out. The car is flexing when lifted. While I was setting it up on the stands to level it I temp put a metal rail across the reinforcement pans and found it does not sit flat on both pans. ( see pic...
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    Hello every one. My name is Bill, I live in PA. I picked up a 1972 convertible w/ 351 2V FMX auto. I got it from a good friend of mine. When I first got the car April 2010 I drove it 2 hour home and around for the next 5 days (about 150 miles). Then inspection time, I new there was some body...
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    1972 covertible panel prints

    Hello everyone. I am fixing my 72 convertible. I found a lot of rust on it so I am cutting out the rust and welding in new metal. I can figure out what most of the pieces should look like but one area I do not. I found the support beam inside the outer and inner rocker panels is gone on the left...