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  1. Vinnie

    Removing the drive shaft

    Hi folks, I want to remove the driveshaft on my 73 (C6 with 9"diff). Is it simply a matter of removing the U bolts on the rear yoke and then pulling it out of the C6? I read something about taping up something to make sure the bearings dont fall out near the rear somewhere? Cheers, Vincent.
  2. Vinnie

    Pulling E-brake cable from backing plate

    Hey folks, I am trying to remove the E-brake cable without breaking it but I am stuck at the backing plate that closes the back of the drum. The retainer keeping the cable in, has anybody been able to wiggle it back out or is that impossible? It’s the retainer in below image: Any ideas to...
  3. Vinnie

    Drop off holes. WHY?

    Hey guys n dolls, When replacing my quarters I also replaced the drop offs, you know the flat sheet that goes down from the trunk floor? Each panel has 2 holes in it. WHY? Why would you make holes in a panel that gets large amounts of water and spray and crap on it? Not to mention moist air...
  4. Vinnie

    Twitter anybody?

    Hey all, Do any of you use twitter and if so, what search terms (hash codes) do you use to find stuff about our cars? And is this forum present on twitter? Cheers, Vincent.
  5. Vinnie

    Hole in rocker?

    Hey folks, Now that I'm working on my RH quarter I did some sanding on the rocker and (just like on the LH side) found a small hole near the end as can be seen in attached picture. In my case(s) the hole was sealed. There seems to be a lot of filler inside the rocker behind the hole. Is this...
  6. Vinnie

    How to change the title?

    Hi, I would like to change the title of my build thread to update it with the current job I'm doing but I can't figure out how to do that after the recent forum upgrade. Anybody have a clue? Tanks, Vincent.
  7. Vinnie

    subframe connectors and speed humps

    Hey all, I guess this question is about handling... For those who have subframe connectors, did you ever have trouble getting over speed humps etc? Cheers, Vincent.
  8. Vinnie

    No need to be anal about (pin) holes ...

    ... is what Trev said in one of his blog posts. I'd like to know when a little hole in a weld is a pinhole of too large to be one. What max size would you consider as a pinhole? And do you close ALL of them when welding a body panel or do you trust the body filler and paint to fix that...
  9. Vinnie

    Cowl glue?

    Hey folks, When removing the RH top of my cowl I noticed glue in between at the top. The spot welds were made through the glue. What kind of magical glue is this? Cheers, Vincent.
  10. Vinnie

    Putting in 2 half floors

    Hey guys, I bought 2 half floors to cut out patches for my floor but I'm thinking about putting both halves in completely. Are there any specifics I should be aware of when replacing half a floor at a time? And is it doable with the car on its wheels? The engine is also still in, should I put...
  11. Vinnie

    Did a small plug weld in acid test

    I'm planning on having my car dipped at some pont. One of the dips is in in phosphoric acid to de-rust the car. One point of great concern to me are all the plug welds I'm doing and have done. Since I'm taking so long rust may creep in where the metal is unprotected between the 2 sheets around...
  12. Vinnie

    Anything between cowl panels?

    Hey folks, I'm drilling out spotwelds to seperate part of the upper cowl panel. Upper and lower seem a be liking eachother a lot and are not letting go easily. Probably a few welds I missed but I'm still curious; in the factory, did they put any sealer of primer or glue in between the panels...
  13. Vinnie

    RIP Dusty Hill

    On the radio back from my garage I heard about the passing of ZZ Top's bassist Dusty Hill today, very sad news. Been my favorite band for over 30 years, seem 'm live 3 times and got the ZZ hangin' off my Mustang's keys. I do believe they hold the record for the band with longest original...
  14. Vinnie

    Taking 73 front bumper assembly apart

    Hey folks, I'm taking apart the front bumper assembly. Right now my car looks more like a train... It looks like the beam that the bumper attaches to is just pushed in the "box" and held in place with rubber pads. Is this the case? If the above is true, are those pads available? Thanks...
  15. Vinnie

    Funny place for a screw...

    Hey all, Last night after removing the windshield and cleaning up I noticed a screw in the top edge of the window: On the other side there's just the hole where a screw presumably has been... Any clues why there is a screw here? Is it factory? Maybe to hold down the vinyl on the roof...
  16. Vinnie

    Sealant under windshield trim?

    Hi folks, Last night I removed the trim around my windshield. I thought it would just be held in place by the clips but some PO found it neccesary to also put insane amounts of sealant under the trim and in between the glass and A-pillar. Having a look, the rust I found here and there made me...
  17. Vinnie

    Bad floor repairs...

    Hey folks, I'm facing a bit of a dilemma I'd like your opinions on. The PO of my car had work done on the floor. I checked it out today and found out that plain sheet metal was laid just covering the edges of the cut hole and then was welded onto it. So it was not welded IN the hole but OVER...
  18. Vinnie

    Anybody create a support frame on wheels?

    Hey folks, I'm thinking of welding up a frame to support my 73's body when it's bare, stripped of everything. I want to put it on wheels so that the body can also be transported while on this frame. In the rear I guess I could mount it at the front leaf spring mounting point. Dunno about where...
  19. Vinnie

    Dashboard frame dent

    Hey folks, I took out my dash frame today and noticed this dent: Is that s'posed to be there or should it be straight? Looks very odd to me... On another note: Has anybody trashed their frame and put in another dash? If you do, pics please :-) Cheers, Vincent.
  20. Vinnie

    Axle/diff upgrade variables

    Hey folks, Currently I have a 9" axle with 2.75 gears, open diff, drum brakes and probably 28 spline axles. I'd like to change to 3.5 gears and an Eaton Detroit Truetrac diff, disc brakes and possibly 31 spline axles. So I've been reading and learning about this stuff for a week now and instead...