1971 Mustang Front Seat Track Spring, what connects to where ?

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Aug 17, 2020
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Reupholstered my back bench seat and front bucket seats in my 1971 Mustang Grande, installed new seat tracks and can't remember how the one separate spring connects to the track or seat and perhaps it doesn't make much difference really, but does anybody know the correct spring configuration for the track opposite the lever track or what two points to attach the spring correctly ?   

Searching for this information on the web only seems to yield 60's pony car results, no '71 - '73 pictures or videos is why I am asking.

Picture would be nice !

Jan 7, 2015
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You can get the seat tracks apart. If you look at the end of the track you will see a leaf spring riveted to the track. Get it steady in bench vice and probably extra set of hands. You can take needle nose pliers and szueeze the Vee shape down to get the 3/4" roller to come out. There are four .250" ball bearings in the cage on each end and the 3/4" roller on each end. It is tricky to get apart but you can. You can get new ball bearings at hardware and clean up the track and roller. The track on the seat is Manganese Phosphate coated and the track on the floor is painted semi gloss black. There are usually cracks in the tracks in the formed corners. Cracked from day one and get larger. I use the Red-N-Tacky #2 grease in there also.
These are original seats out of my Mach 1.