1971 Power Steering Long Pressure Hose Blow Off.


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Sep 12, 2015
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SW Ontario
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1971 Mustang Mach 1, M code, 4 speed.
I'm following up on a previous thread posted in this section by Moosestang in Engine etc. (there is not a section dedicated to steering and components) As what happened to me is not directly connected to his post, I thought it best to start a new post.

I did post on the fact that my power steering pressure hose blew out of the fitting at the pump. What a firggin mess!!
As for finding a suitable hose, my first thought was to take the existing hose to a hydraulics shop in town, but they didn't have the correct fitting, so no help there. The next thought was to try and find the original Ford part number, but the closest I could come to was the Gates 353570 part number. I tried Gates website with little success. It seems you need an account to find further information. Looking online got me nowhere either, out of stock at every distributor. Trying at all my local auto parts stores, I found one that could order me the Edlemann X10-70670 which I ordered and received the next day. This hose had a label referencing 353570. It came with a plastic corrugated sleeve the entire length, wtf??? The fittings are radially crimped, which to me, is the better way as apposed to the crimp on the original hoses. However, the gear end metal section is much longer than the one on the repo hose I had from NPD part #3A719-29. (By the way, I found the receipt for this dated 03/2013 and I paid $37.95 for it. The same part today is priced at $115.27 and on the website, appears to be identical. An increase of OVER 200%!!!! Nice eh.) The hose itself is also about 3" longer. making the hose quite a bit longer than the NPD one I had. Fitting was ok, but the extra length made it harder.

To address another problem on the pump, a minor leak at the shaft seal, I decided to put together a rebuilt pump I got from Tony-Muscle, which worked fine except the rebuild gasket set from Edlemann only has a thin paper gasket to seal the canister to the inner pump surface and high pressure outlet tube and leaked badly. The original had a rubber and metal gasket which seems to now be unobtainium. So as I had to remove the pump again, I decided to fix the other pump while I had the tools out to pull and replace the pulley. Long story short, I had bought two gasket sets, so I had another paper gasket, but this time, I spent the big bucks and bought a tube of "The Right Stuff", which I applied to the gasket both sides. This needed to take about 2 hours to cure, but once done and reassembled, NO LEAKS!!

Going back to the Edlemann hose, I stripped off the plastic sleeve and then had a brainwave. Some time ago, I got a spare 1971 pump and hoses complete with a cooler from a friend. This was an original Ford Thompson pump and hoses off a 71 parts car. The hoses of course were no good, BUT the rubber sleeve, although very stiff, was undamaged, so I saved it. Could I fit it to the new hose? The sleeve needed to be cleaned and when I put it in hot soapy water, it softened up enough I was able to slide it over the metal tube end and with lots of Dawn dish soap, it was on. I'll not expand further right now, but here's the result.
Pic 2025 is the original hose and sleeve. 2250 radially crimped fitting. (It would be nicer if it was finished in dichromate) 2251 is the longer metal tube, making it harder to clear the master cylinder. 2255 finished job. 2256 Sleeve detail.

If there is interest, I'll post on rebuilding the Ford Thomson pump.


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