1973 Mach 1 for sale central Oklahoma

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Mar 10, 2011
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1971 Boss 351
1971 Mustang Sportsroof
1972 Q Code 4-speed conv.
Yesterday I invited another Boss 351 owner to check out a car show about an hour away.  Something different.

Anyway only one 71-3 Mustang and it wasn't too bad.  Turns out to be a pretty original car.  Q code automatic.

Car is said to have 130,000 miles but it has been well taken care of for that many miles.  still all intact with original parts. Like 73 air breather with correct snorkel tubing and vent hose to exhaust manifold.   I'll provide some pics and a phone number where owner can be reached.  (sorry I didn't get an under hood shot!) I'd love to own this car but I have too many cars right now.  Trying to thin the 'herd'. 

Car could use a strong detail and the exhaust pipes corrected with turn downs behind the valence.  Very nice car.

asking price $19k obo

Contact owner if interested.  






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Feb 24, 2014
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Oxford Ms
Hello Ray,
Due to some Covid related family issues, I haven't posted here for a while but visit occasionally. The '73 Mach 1 pictures you posted really look great. I bet that red pops in person. You sure they didn't place it with the Dodge Challengers since our cars are often mistaken for them?!! Most of the time, I don't look at the '73s very long since I favor the look of the sport lamp grill on the '71 and '72s. This one is nice!
With the Tu-tone hood and locks at an almost giveaway price of $18.00, it's almost rare to see a '73 without that option. I like "Write me a ticket red", so all that expanse of red looks good to me. If it is original, the owner sure has taken care of her. Having the original flex duct and hot air tube to the exhaust manifold is a good indication of care. I've seen some babied "Garage Queens" with those parts deteriorated. If going for the Concourse level look, the only things I saw that I would address would be to install turn-down exhaust tips and replace the Magnums with the forged aluminum wheels. I have seen so many of these cars just absolutely beat to death and modified to the point of no return; this one sure is a nice change of pace. If you happen to see it again, some interior, underhood, and door certification label shots would be great. At least he is open to "Or Best Offer" and not "I know what I've got, no low ball offers. :classic_smile: