1973 Mustang Fastback "barn find"


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Nov 1, 2019
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This thread is a for sale post for my parents' 1973 Fastback. VIN 3F02Hxxxxxx,. Car is located in Wheaton Illinois.

It is a 1973 Fastback 351 2V. Originally finished in Light Goldenrod, but repainted in what i presume is Medium Bright Yellow. The repaint was commissioned by the original owners sometime before 1984.

My parents bought the car in 1984 from a family living in Phoenix, Arizona. The family had originally bought the car brand new on 9/23/72. The family's son delivered the car to my parents who were living in Lombard, Illinois at the time. In 1987, the car was driven to their new house Wheaton, Illinois, where it was parked and never driven again.

The interior of the car was brown and was all cracked up from its life in the arizona sun/heat. My parents had collected the interior of a 1972 Mach 1 with intentions to replace the original interior of the 1973. They also collected some exterior Mach parts during the late 80s.

My parents started their family and the Mach 1 conversion project never ended up happening. Slowly the car turned into a "table" in their garage as you'll be able to see in the pictures added. All the parts they had collected for the car were kept in the interior of the car and in the trunk.

And that is how it has sat up until recently. They are looking to sell the car and all the interior/exterior Mach parts with it TOGETHER. They are not looking to take the time to sell everything individually. They want everything to go together. This car is rust free and there is zero bondo. The body is straight with only a few minor dings from being stored in the garage for the past 32 years. ORIGINAL BUILD SHEET is in excellent condition, and we also have original keys for the car. There is also a 300 series posi rear end that comes with the car.

My dad and I got the car started about 4-5 years ago and it idled great and ran on its own. We tried again a few weeks ago to start it up, and it cranks fine but fuel is not getting to the carb. Brakes and transmission condition are unknown. THE CAR WILL NEED TO BE TRAILERED

They are looking to get $6,500 for the car and all parts you can see in the pictures. Any offers are welcome, worst we will say is "no".