1973 Mustang Grande

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Jun 21, 2016
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1973 Mustang Grande 351C V8
Very sad to see her go, but the wife and I are moving across the country and need money to put down on a house so the mustang goes on the market :( Hopefully she will find a loving home.

1973 Ford Mustang Grande

- White Exterior

- Original V8 351 Cleveland Engine

- 3 Speed Automatic

- Power Windows

- Power Steering

- Rear Disc Brakes, Front Drum Brakes

- AC

Mechanically restored by a qualified Mustang mechanic. List of new parts installed and parts serviced are given below.She is a reliable, daily driver.

List of New Parts

- New Radiator

- New Starter

- New Belts, tubes, valves

- New Headlights, harness and switch

- New Battery

- New Edelbrock Carb

- New Wheel Spinners

- New Mach 1 Style Rear Spoiler

- New Transmission Shifter Bushings

- New Driver Side Door Pull

- New Door Lock Knobs

- New License Plate Bracket

- New Driver Side Power Window Master Control Switch

- New Driver Side Power Window Motor

- New Retrosound Classic Radio – Aux-in, USB-in, Bluetooth

- New Racing Style Front Spoiler

- New Radio Bezel

- New Analog Clock

- New Cargo Mat for the Trunk

- New Floor Mats

- New 160 Degree Blind Spot Eliminating Rear View Mirror

- New GT Grant Racing Steering Wheel

- New Seat Covers

- New Racing Stripes on Hood and Trunk

- New Indicator Lights

- New Rear Fender

- New Exhaust Tips

- New Rear Tires

- New Shock Abosorbers

- New All-Aluminum Racing Fuel Cap

- New Wipers

- New Horn

- New Dash Pad

Service Done

- Transmission service

- Major mileage maintenance service

- All fluids replaced, leaks addressed

- Wheel Alignment

- Rewiring and electrical servicing as required

- Brakes serviced

- Door alignment and door locks serviced

- Tested all lights

- Complete car detailing

- Existing speakers were cleaned, serviced and tested

Additional Points to Note

- Tags are current and valid till June 2017

- Body is straight, car is very clean and runs strong. This is currently my daily driver to office

- Front Nose Cone of the car was repainted. Original color of the car was bone/cream white. Previous owner had tried to repaint the car at some point. The paint is not perfect, there are faint cracks at places and some overspray. But the finish on the car looks good

- The traditional Vinyl roof had been converted to give the car a coupe look by previous owner. He did a good job of that and the car looks really good

- Rear lifted to accommodate the larger tires.

- The engine has massive Erson cams that were installed sometime in 2014 by the previous owner. Around the same time, the owner had the engine rebuilt as well. Currently the engine is very healthy and the car runs very strong. This is a radical and powerful motor, can move a ship

- The Odometer may not be accurate. Currently shows a reading of 33K miles. The Tachy does not work. The Fuel gauge is accurate from the Full tank upto the halfway mark. It does not move beyond the halfway mark. I top up the tank when I see it close to the Halfway mark. All of the other gauges and indicators seem to work fine

- The AC was working fine and was serviced when I bought the vehicle but I have not used it since

- Front tires seem to have been replaced by the first owner sometime in 2013 and have a lot of tread left on them

- There is some minor surface oxidation at places but there is no rust anywhere on the vehicle

- The original seats have seat covers on them now. Front Driver side seat and the rear seats have very small tears on them

- All the cabin lights work, the external headlights work and the indicators work perfectly

- A massive, high voltage starter was installed to replace the ageing original starter. Works perfectly and starts up the car every time.

- A performance Edelbrock carb with an electric choke was used to replace the stock Holley Carb which was showing its age

I may be forgetting some things, please don’t hesitate to ask. All in all, this is a fantastic beast of a car; mechanically it is almost perfect and cosmetically clean. Asking is $10000 OBRO











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Sep 7, 2011
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I hate to see you have to sell it. I am glad that you were able to find a good home and hopefully got a fair price.


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