2V or 4V

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Mar 30, 2022
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73 mustang baby blue with clevo 351
So I'm gonna totally botch my attempt at regurgitating something my mechanic told me about my motor build. I have a 351C, with aluminum Edelbrock performer intake manifold and heads. The heads are 2V. The piston compression is 10:1 and its bored .30 over. It has a 4 barrel Demon Carb. Went back from headers to stock exhaust manifolds. I am hoping it will do between 360-400hp, but unsure and not gonna get it dynoed. But I was told that when it came to the 2V or 4V, some people would intentionally use 2V heads with a 4bbl carb, something about the restriction adds pressure or something. Its kind of like mine has a 4 bolt main, but I'm told it strong than what I need so its kind of not important, and likewise if I had 4V heads, I'd be using a lot more gas for little end difference. I don't know something like that. Now's the time for people who know what they are talking about, unlike me to have plenty of comments I'm sure. Ultimately I keep trying to learn as much as I can so that when I talk about my car to people who ask about it, I can speak intelligently about it and what I've had done to it, etc.
Can I ask why you went back to standard exhaust manifolds and away from the headers.