429 / 460 EFI project

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Jul 10, 2012
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Guys, here's little something that I've been up to. I wanted to convert my '72 Mach 1 with 460 cid Ford Racing engine to run with electric fuel injection. I wanted a 2x4 intake just to be different than the rest (also I've been impressed by the way my friends 429 works with hiram intake). I was looking for a Fast stand alone Ez-Efi system with two throttle bodies. The more I listened my efi friends and read about the efi I wanted a programmable enginemanagement system and I left the stand alone systems alone.

Now I was after a multiport injection intake and there is only one available for Ford 429/460. That’s a super low single plane which did not suited to my plan. I hunted down an used Weiand Hi-Ram for 429/460 engine. Intake was also glass blasted and it really brought the ol’ dirty intake back to the life. I did some careful parts selection and ended up on the following parts to be able to convert the intake to Multi-port injection.

Accel injection bungs and Edelbrock fuel rail kit for Ford 429/460. I bought two Speedmaster 1200 cfm billet throttlebodies – they are real nice pieces. Axles are tight and equipped with bearings – really nice for the money 200 bucks a piece. Fuel injectors are Siemens Deka 4 EV1:s, rated app. 60lbs/hr. I selected them to support app. 700 hp on ethanol.

Fuel pump was think out of the box type of decicion with a Bosch 044 fuel pumps. One will support around 700 hp on gas and less on alcohol. ECU will use only one pump on normal cruising and when more fuel is needed the ECU will wake up the second pump. Bosch 044 pump can be bought practically everywhere from Finland and it is very tried pump on many sportcars.

Actual work on the intakemanifold was performed by a Finnish custom fabrication shop. The owner of the shop has a ’32 Ford Coupe with no stinking chebby engine but a Ford 427 windsor with 8-stack injection and ’65 ht stroker 302 cid Mustang.

Next job is to start removing the ol’ Victor Jr. and start installing the new parts. I will update the pages every now and then once I got the time to work with the car.

Oh, look honey - I brought you a present!!!


Sideprofile, it is only 1" taller to the aircleaner flange than the ol' victor jr" with 2" spacer and 850 cfm demon carb. This specific throttlebody is lower than the carb. Throttle bodies will feed up to 2400 cm so the carb linkage need to be done very progressive, otherwise will end up having really cranky engine!


Deka 4 injectors spreads a fine mist to the intake runner, so the bungs can be placed close to the head.


Bungs were glued with epoxy to the correct location - benefit is that the intake is not welded which heats up the intake and it won't stay straight. Now no need to machine the intake runner flanges. Edelbrock fuel rail kit included harware for mounting the rails. Some machining was needed to make room & threats & allen bolts to be able use the included hardware.


These fuel pumps will feed up the beast, lets see how they work. Twin bracket was bought from e-bay, very nice stuff.


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Aug 12, 2010
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Sweet! :bravo:

I think I'll be happy with the TBI system I got, but MPI is SO much cooler - both in efficiency and appearance.

Can't wait to see more of this. :cool:



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Sep 5, 2011
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Man, good job making all those pieces work for what is pretty much an invention of an intake! I have a 429 sitting on an engine stand in my garage and have always wanted to find a good EFI system for it, this setup looks great and I am sure it will run well! Great work!!!