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4300D D3ZF LA Motorcraft spreadbore carb


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Apr 19, 2011
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Buffalo, NY
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I've been meaning to put some of the parts I've had in storage for awhile since they are not doing anyone any good sitting in a drawer and am finally getting to it.   I'll post on this forum for a couple weeks and if no response will then list on Ebay / Craig's list, etc.

This is a Motorcraft 4300D D3ZF LA carb I had as a backup back in the 90's.  It was a re-manufactured unit which I ran on occasion on a 71 M code engine.  It ran well and has been in a drawer since 2004.  I just sold it's twin to a local guy with a 72 CJ (which ran just fine).  Although the D3ZF LA is listed in the guides as a manual transmission carb, this one does have kick down linkage on the throttle body.  It may have been changed out during the re-manufacture since cracked base plates were a common problem with these carbs.    Contact thru Private Message or personal email: [email protected]

$400.00 US plus shipping (carrier of your choice).