71 - 73 Mustangs @ Mecum Florida Auction

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Jan 7, 2015
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I decided not to take my 73 Mach 1 to Mecum auction in Florida. I was just looking to see what was going to go across the block. There are a few 71 - 73 cars listed now but no Boss 351. There are two 71 429 cars and one is a Japanese Export model. One of our members has the Grabber Green Japanese Export model. This one is the orange color. You would think they would pay attention to details and I might be incorrect on some of my statements about them but just did a review of their pics and made a list of obvious items. They do not show the trunk or undercarriage on either car. 

The other is black. 

I have put links to the two 429 cars. and screen printed a couple pics their site would not let me drag the pics off. 


Of course the hood is done wrong. Wrong carpet no Mach 1 runners and might be wrong door speaker grills.

The under hood looks way more correct than the orange car. Details are better and finishes correct except for really shiny black in engine compartment. 


The orange car has lots incorrect so will be interesting to see how the price goes. We know a member paid $27,500 for one couple years ago on ebay. 

The seats appear to have the fake comfort weave inserts, repo upholstery.

Some kind of running horse on passenger door up front. Maybe overing a hole?

No door speakers and has AM/ 8 Track and the rubber wire covers are there which it also has P.W..

Under hood is all wrong would be suspect of engine change. Cowl is painted body color.

Hood latch bracket not slop gray.

Hood hinges wrong, painted not phosphate.

Hood black out wrong of course.

Rear spoiler shiny.

Missing the Japan required side marker lights high up on the front fenders.

Fan shroud does not look like right one for 429 the black one looks right. 

Some of you 429 guys can probably make a really long list of items not right. Will have to see how the marked goes on the 71 - 73. There were others listed earlier in the auction I did not list them maybe 5 or 6 total. 

The Bullitt mustang goes across the block on Jan. 10 on Friday and the Black Hornet continuation Shelby car right behind it. Was in the MOM right next to my car. It was a continuation of the failed Shelby program with the Green Hornet and Red Hornet. How everyone gets so excited about the Shelby failures I have no idea. I think they put the expected price at $275,000 to $325,000 on it. 

I was trying to buy a Mustang from someone on ebay that had a fake bidder run the price up. Of course they did not close deal so the seller got in touch. During our negotiations we could not get together. He sent text after about 2 weeks and wanted to know if still interested. During our texting he stated he has 114 Mustangs and will be bidding on the Bullitt. He claims his limit is above any number I have been seeing tossed around. He said if I didn't take the other car it was going to Mecum also. I did not see it listed. He would not knock $1,000 off the price but will drop millions for the beat up rusty Bullitt. Vanity has gotten to him. Mark my words the price will drop fast on it. It sat not noticed for years. Was a daily driver from 1974 until a few years ago and then just sat with no interest. Then they built up all the hype and did the big tour and got the attention of the rich. Most younger people have no idea who Steve McQueen is or what the Bullitt Mustang is. So when the old guys and gals die off the price will drop like a rock. So if this guy is real he is willing to go over the expected $3.5 million that Mecum told me when they were at the MOM with the Bullitt. 

So the pictures are in the word document attached. I could only print screen to get them.

If you go to the auction $20.00 / day with advance tickets $30.00 day of auction. There are several from my club going down but too much for hotel and tickets for me.


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