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Jan 7, 2015
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I just picked up a 1972 convertible yesterday down where the Zombies live in Newnan Georgia. This is the codes on the car. 2F03H174860

76D, Color 4Q, Trim CW, Trans X, Axle 2, DSO 48. It has not been crashed but is a true rust bucket and not worth fixing. It is well optioned with the following.

351 2-V, Power Windows, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Tilt Column, Air Conditioning, AM / FM, Full length Console, Tinted windows, NASA hood, rusty, Mach 1 honey comb rear panel & Mach 1 grill that is broken, dog dish style hub caps and rings.

I will be selling the Air system and power windows and about anything on the car you might want except for the windshield, console, A post trim, rear inside trim. PM with your requests and offers.

I am super busy right now trying to get garage going and also spring house work so it won't be a fast tear down for sure.

Pictures later.

Ok in for a cold drink and just an update. I have the two rear windows out with motors and drives. One works and the other tries. I will pull them apart and clean the dried grease and goop out and relube. For some reason they had taken the rear switches off so do not have the switches or trim pieces, wiring is there and being pulled.

I did it different from what was shown on youtube. I took everything out through the top, glass, guide and motor. Several people said they had taken hours to get the motor out through the bottom hole. There is probably a certain position that everything has to be in to do it easy but I am just taking it out. When I get everything out and pictures I will post. I will clean everything in blast cabinet and lube the motors, check the brushes and clean with contact cleaner. As it stands now only thing missing is the rear switches and trim pieces. Headed back out to pull the front ones out.

I have a 72 vert but don't think I want the power windows. I have Mach 1 with them.


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